Back Steph's bungee jump and raise money for Sense Scotland

Stephanie O’Neill better known to us on Twitter as @chibchenko is planning to throw herself off Garry Bridge next week in order to raise money for Sense Scotland.
From Just Giving:
So Erin didn’t REALLY make me. I decided to do the bungee jump for Sense Scotland because…well, we were in the pub and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I’ll be jumping off the Garry Bridge at Killiecrankie on Sunday, 29th July. I’m not even sure where it is but I hope it won’t be my final resting place.
It is a fantastic cause so please, any donation is appreciated! 
I can’t believe I said I would do this..
You can sponsor Steph HERE
TCN would like to wish North Milton’s finest the best of luck.

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