'Instead Of A Successful English Combo…We Got The Chuckle Brothers!'

Curious to hear Sevco CEO Charles Green today talking about ‘agreements in principle’ and ‘no outstanding issues’ with either the SFA or the SFL, just minor procedural matters, he’d have us believe.
That is not to say he is not correct or just in saying that, it’s just that he is quite specific that he has had ‘chats’ with the SPL and that he expects a joint meeting with both Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster…that is curious.
You see the SPL have no ‘requirement of entry’ procedures with newco, so the very least of his worries should be they.
The SFA on the other hand, an organisation now nationally distrusted and held in serious disrepute by virtually all the fans who make the Scottish game a ‘spectacle’, at least of the right variety, know all too well that their issues with Sevco are commonly reliant upon both sides saving face. It’s almost as if Rangers may have had some sway over the national association…surely not?!
Now it will be quite a serious miscalculation and probably a breach of the duties of Stewart or as I call him ‘Stewrat’ Regan to go coercing Neil Doncaster to take his and Charles Greens joint mandate to the clubs which form the SPL, neither has covered themselves in glory thus far and neither are irreplaceable, they are highly dispensable really especially given their lack of popularity amongst an empowered fans culture.
Should either attempt to lever the SPL into dropping the biggest sporting scandal in Scottish history, their jobs will not be the only untenable position…their entire lives may very well be rendered absolutely worthless.
Lets just say they could assure themselves of a hostile, or an even more hostile, reception each time they enter the publics line of vision, they may even have painted targets upon themselves.
You see these are men who would already only require to book a phone box for their leaving party. People want them gone alright they just choose to keep themselves right and steer far enough clear of them as not to tempt fate. One of these days someone will have had enough and may very well pack their bags and throw them both out on their ears.
Scottish Football could have hired many a very able Englishman to run these positions, their nationality is not an issue at all, their incompetence most certainly is.
No we could have had two very successful, very intelligent and very popular Englishmen…instead we got the Chuckle Brothers!!

Hail Hail

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