Pray For Kyle

When Celtic announced we should play Ajax this preseason the thought of going surged through every supporter no doubt. A great city to watch our beloved hoops would spur anyone on, young or old.
For young 20 year old Kyle Whyte that feeling would’ve been the exact same.
Young Kyle made that trip, from what I gather he made the game, supporting our hoops with pride alongside many other supporters however the following day he began to take unwell and was taken to hospital.
Latest reports state that Kyle is supported by a life support machine. Kyle is anaemic & has previously had bone marrow transplants.
Whilst in Amsterdam, his mother flew out after being alerted of this and due to the spiralling costs involved there is a need to help out this young lad & family out in any way possible.
It must be horrendous for a mother to be on her own in another country praying for her son to get better, costs must be the last thing on her mind.
PLEASE, If anyone can spare a thought, a prayer or a small donation to help this family out, it will go some way to making what is a terrible situation, just that little bit easier.
Should be able to spare something monetary please contact
@AllanDonaldson by twitter or
send any small donation via paypal to
It’s understandable that not everyone can offer a donation, however a thought or prayer for this young lad will hopefully help this young man & his family.
God Bless Kyle & Stay Strong. You now have the support of the Celtic Family.

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