'Robbie Savage Just Don't Get It…Rangers ARE DEAD!!

This evening the whole Sevco/Rangers story took, if at all possible, an even more bizarre turn.
Tonight utilising his Twitter feed rather than an agent, Robbie Savage has claimed his desire to come out of retirement and to pull on the Rangers jersey. He has claimed that he would be willing to play for free and that at 37 years hold he could do the ‘piece of p’ job of a holding midfielder no problem.
Also rather than employ an agent, Robbie Savage with all his usual showmanship employed a complete lack understanding in the very vocabulary, limited though it may be, that he does retain in his limited and now seemingly blinkered memory.
See, Robbie Savage reckons, if he’s being serious, that Rangers are a ‘”great” club…Rangers recent activities and its historical wrong-doings are one of the same…history.
A club so tainted equalling “great”…suppose it takes all kinds to make up this world.
Tonight Mr Savage appears more to be pitied than laughed at!!

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