'I Despair Of Football, Of Celebrity & Of Missed Opportunities'

We appear to stand alone, you, I and the next member of the real Celtic family, the Bhoys, and of course the Ghirls, at the bottom of ladder.
Yesterday I done an article on Kyle Whyte and I sent it far and wide. I sent it to many so-called celebs and appealed not for their money, nor of their time, but of the simple favour to ‘Retweet’ or to use pre-internet jargon to ‘redistribute’ the piece.
The response was shocking, largely it was no response at all…that of course with a few notable exemptions, take a bow UFC’s Che Mills and Gregor Kyle of Celtic TV and perhaps of a lesser ‘celeb’ status but well-respected as they are Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and ‘Tracey Campbell-Hynd’.
I’d like most sincerely to thank these individuals for their caring and thoughtful responses
It is not just the gorgeous girls of the Saturdays, of Sky Sports news or of glamour model fame who shunned the article completely, more alarmingly persons much closer to ‘our’ game and indeed ‘our family’ did so also….shame on them!
Anyway that brings me to missed opportunities, before I begin however I do realise that this first example may appear at little extreme but stick with it please.
So missed opportunities, today see’s a massive decision to be made in regards of the acceptance or rejection of a certain businesses application to become members of the Scottish Football Association.
This newco have a tarnished reputation, some of which is not exclusively of the oldco’s making.
This club seeks to create a new relationship with the others within our game, they have spoken publicly of their desire to ‘turn over a new leaf’ and to rid the club of a ‘unhelpful stigma’.
Perhaps I may even be a little harsh on them here, of course they may not even be aware of poor Kyle and the Whyte families current plight, though to me that excuse does not wash. A club, should they wish to be one, of any significant size and of repute should actively be monitoring the public opinion and should be seeking opportunities to re-connect with those of us whom are not currently impressed by the noises being made down Govan way.
Now I hasten to add, that this truly tragic incident should not be hijacked by some PR savvy institution for the sole purposes of self promotion, that would be an awful approach to take. Should that ‘institution’, be it old or new, wish to really show its kinder more thoughtful and more endearing side, should they really be quite an amiable and down to earth bunch of ‘rich investors’ with a really human side to their natures, then surely they would seek to do what is right, what is neighbourly.
I think Sevco could go a long way to helping reduce and perhaps even remove the historically tense relationship it has with fans of other Scottish clubs, if it indeed had such human, such compassionate and such a well-intentioned philosphy…as to make a donation or to at least publicly take a brake from their self wallowing and to acknowledge a real injustice in life.
After all we are a ‘Celtic Family’, but football harbours for us, our many distant relations.
The game of Scottish football, of internationals soccer, indeed of all Scottish, of all international sports are in fact united in a common relationship, a bond be it strong or weak, the world of Sport is a family…where are our caring cousins and our thoughtful neighbours now?
We are not talking a huge financial outlay as to be required, if everyone contributed a little and more importantly expressed their goodwill, their thoughts and their support, the job of lifting a broken families spirit is a far easier, the task far more manageable.
Society be it the pampered and out of sync celeb circuit, or circus as I see it, or even closer to home our ‘non-Celtic minded’ populous are largely ignorant of the traumatic, stressful and entirely unenviable position the Whyte family currently find themselves in…yet if David Beckham sports a hair out-of-place during the Olympic Ceremony then the whole world it seems will be far, far more concerned.
Justice, morals, ethics and righteousness are behaviours and philosophies now mostly lost on society, thank god for the Celtic Family who to this very day ‘look after their own’.
With that in mind, and a conclusion to my rant fast approaching; I would if I was attending tomorrows game against Inter at Celtic Park and if I could enlist enough helpers, have approached Celtic about doing a collection at the turnstiles and handing the money over to the club for distribution onto the Whyte Family.
Unfortunately at this late hour, both seem impossible targets for myself to achieve, I wonder if anyone out there could help in this regard? Say any supporters club, Green Brigade or just a wealth of volunteers who could carry that particular torch and do our club proud?!
I would propose that any additional monies raised over and above the substantial costs attributed to young Kyle’s care and the families sudden expense, now this of course is for the family to decide upon, could be distributed between Yorkhill Childrens Hospital and the Anthony Nolan Trust.
I’m sure that way, the Celtic Family would gladly do societies job again.
Alone we will never be, cause we are family.
Hail Hail

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