'Pass Regan, Doncaster, Green, Longmuir or Ballantyne Your Dinner Plate…They Do A Mean Carve-Up'

So as most of this nation sat tuned into their televisions; million either watching some ridiculously over the top, attention seeking morons embroiled in a game of one up-manship with all the others who take part in the contest, or as the rest of this tasteless nation were, watching Big Brother!
It was at that moment after days, weeks and even months of delaying tactics and of excuse making that three organisations, I use the term in only its loosest possible context, divulged their blueprint, pardon the pun, for how to bend over backwards on Sevco’s behalf and to market it as a victory for justice.
Pass me the sick bucket…I’m gonna throw up!
I will save a detailed response until tomorrow but in a brief synopsis of the ‘carve-up’; the SFA ducked the major issues, they laid out a temporary red carpet for Sevco and with it set a totally unhealthy and distinctly corrupt precedent for all that’s yet to follow.
The SFL to be fair had made their biggest possible gesture a week or two ago, they played the hand they were dealt and they maximised it’s play-ability as much as could be expected of a novice poker player at a table in the big boys casino. They gambled and they came out with a few extra quid in their hip pockets, the lifestyle is not lost nor greatly enhanced but that to the SFL clubs will be an outstanding result. Break-even!
The SPL, well they have acted out an act so deserving of an Oscar nomination that I feel it only right to commend them. See they have ‘apparently’ stuck to their guns, they have held firm in the face of a spirited campaign of blackmail by Sevco. After all, the SPL wouldn’t want to be the ones, the only ones responsible for upsetting all 500 or so of Sevco season ticket holders and more importantly to desecrate the grave of Rangers FC…no they acted out the tough mafia boss role with all the confidence, all the swagger and all the omnipotence of an Al Pacino or  Robert De Niro, they acted out the position of a powerful, unwavering and uncompromising mafia Don(caster), whilst deep down hiding their snivelling, grovelling, sorry, spineless nature and whilst shitting their pants.
They however will get all the headlines, indeed already Ally McCoist has come out all guns blazing, highly critical and very much infuriated at some perceived witch hunt conducted by this bullying Premier League cartel…I’m very sure that all this is scripted by the associations and that it is as much part of the deception as it is genuinely bought into by Ally himself. Ally has been an easily manipulated extra, a stooge and a pawn, in a game that played out well above Ally ‘Dummy Out The Pram’ McCoist’s head.
I’m sure that his employer Mr Green, who played a tough and skilled middle-man, a torn negotiators role, was more than capable of feeding Ally one line or another to wind him up, whilst making secret deals behind his back with all whom he’d already pitted McCoist against. Mr Green will have enhanced his reputation with all the former Rangers fans and will have no doubt sussed out his best chance of walking away as a blameless individual was to be seen to stand up to the bullies but yet preserve the dead clubs, entirely fake, existence. He has played his PR cards to the very best of his ability whilst knowing that all along it wasn’t strong enough to win a game of snap, never mind a proper game of poker.
The talk of having brokered a deal that is best for all, that includes concessions by each and every association but that ‘apparently’ stands firm on matters of justice and integrity, is to have been expected, it was all they could ever have said. The truth however is that the blueprint has mapped out the findings and the penalties to be levied against Sevco for the crimes attributed to the oldco’s EBT years…I’m sure that it too will be agreeable to all parties and paraded as a success for the integrity of our game. Just ask yourself however; if an accused is asked not only for his opinion on the charges he faces and on the potential punishments but then invited back to the sheriff’s quarters, sat around a table and afforded the power to negotiate and to barter down the possible sentences he may face by retrospectively constructing some solutions to the complex crimes he committed…is that really justice, delivered without fear or favour?! Why Sevco were ever canvassed at all, gives me great cause for concern, for distrust in the system. Sevco should of course have been handed, not consulted upon, a charge sheet and told to go work on their defence. A trial should then have been scheduled and only after guilt or innocence had been fully judged upon should Sevco have been privy to the justice and the gravity of punishments it may face. It should have been delivered as a sentencing not as a negotiation.
I simply do not believe that after all this protracted and frankly ridiculously slow progress, that deals and understandings have not been agreed upon by the SPL and with Sevco…Mr McCoist should demand to know just who agreed them and what deals had been done. If he had this information I’m sure he’d feel much more comfortable with the ‘potential’ outcomes concerning punishments the Zombie club will face.
The TV companies and all the marketing incomes are irrelevant, justice should be done regardless of external pressures, these should have been put to bed from the very outset of this shameless episode.
All the main protagonists will have spent much time constructing the delivery of this uniquely Scottish brand of justice and will no doubt feel quite proud of themselves, much mutual back-slapping may well be taking place as they toast their coalitions success tonight.
The game has been dragged through the coals and the fans have undoubtedly suffered, integrity and trust in our game has now completely eroded, the product is tarnished beyond all previous comprehension…a temporary licence is but a licence to cheat.
I now expect that the remaining charges will either be waived or inappropriately leniently sentenced upon, Mr McCoist will yet have reason to cheer.
The problem for Mr Green and for Sevco now is how to finance the club, the short-term borrowing will buy them some time but only a dramatic rise of former Rangers back to the ‘promised land’ of the once ridiculed and unappreciated Scottish Premier League can provide enough financial where-with-all to survive beyond the short-term and into the medium term, that is where the next big favour and of preferential treatment by our associations will ride to ex-Rangers rescue…expect sudden league reconstruction, expect Sevco-Rangers to benefit from a timely shot in the arm.
Should we thank our ‘governing bodies’ for averting Armageddon or should we abhor their unforgivable ‘carvery of integrity’ and to proportion blame for the period when Scottish football committed acts of extreme self-harm?
Me I think it’s a no-brainer…pass them your plates and see what rations they can provide us with, Mr Green will soon be returning to the top table and asking, with an accompanied nudge and a wink, “Please sirs, can I have some more?”…I hate that little street urchin, he’ll always expect more handouts!

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