'While We Pray, Could We Also Pay For Brave Kyle Whyte's Treatment? – An Appeal To All Celtic Fans'

You may very well recall my earlier article on the current and tragic situation that young Kyle and his family find themselves in.

Kyle Whyte, 20, of Moray is of course, the young Celtic fan who attended the recent Ajax v Celtic pre-season friendly and who very unfortunately seems to have had a recurring illness which suddenly forced him tobe hospitalised in Amsterdam.
Kyle was then placed on emergency life support and his fight for life continues at a staggering financial cost to his family.
Whilst of course, money will be a distant thought to all of his loved ones, it is of course a harsh dose of realism which at some point the family must deal with. It is yet another stress that the family could well do without.
I will attach an STV website article which fully covers all the issues concerning costs and the contact details of a friend whom has kindly taken on the responsibility of fundraising for the family.
I am not myself as flush as I’d like to be but for such a worthy cause I have no qualms at making a further sacrifice or two in order to make some level of donation and have contacted Mr Donaldson by his google email account.
Mr Donaldson has asked that if any fan is making a kind donation that they do so via Paypal and address the payment to his email contact,  adonaldson1986@gmail.com .
I would urge the wonderful Celtic support to dig as deeply as they can to support this deserving appeal.
Please also distribute this article to all your social media contact and friends, the wider the appeal is spread the better, many thanks.
Thanks again for reading, there is little by the way of medical updates at present but I will try to keep you all posted. I hope that good news will not be long in coming.
Your kindness in thoughts and in prayers are greatly appreciated, a small donation would so equally be welcome.

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