"a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace"

Well it never took long for the ‘new’ Rangers to disgrace themselves. One match against Brechin City was enough to introduce a club in the lower divisions to sectarian songs and banners regarding paedophilia something the ‘new’ Rangers seem to feel is worth making fun out of.
Charles Greens remarks about bigotry were both ill advised and inflammatory.
We should not be surprised by Mr Greens remarks as we have been treated to a multitude of threats and intimidation over the past while from McCoist, Jardine and ‘Bomber’ Brown.
To me there is only one decision the SFA have to take and that is whether Scottish football need this club and it’s supremacist and threatening attitude.
Unfortunately as we have seen by the provision from the SFA of an unprecedented ‘temporary’ licence they are more than willing to help Sevco to become members of the SFA.
Sadly Ian Archers words ring true today as they did in The Herald some decades ago. “As a Scottish football club, they [Rangers] are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”

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