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Firstly I’d like to thank Jas & The Celtic Network for giving us this opportunity to provide an additional voice.
We hope to use this as a way to help explain our suggestions and hopefully leading to more interaction from you. With the added interaction, we hope to learn ourselves helping to provide better suggestions leading to bigger takings from the bookie.
So season 2012/13 will be our first full season. We used the tail end of 2011/12 season mainly as a “test case” (remember that term?) seeing what response we would get and that response was phenomenal, absolutely astounding. From the followers on Twitter to the suggestions & recommendations.
Although we would like to have provided more success, we hopefully added some insight into our pickings which may have contributed to other bets, leading to success in other ways.
So the start of season 2012/13 began for us last mid-week – Details of our picks below – Outcome – BOOKIEBASHING!!!!
Maribor – Won 2-1
Ekranas – Won 2-1
Helsinki – Won 2-1
£3 stake won TicBet £31.50.
The past weekend we then placed our first domestic bet of the season, using the Scottish Football League’s Ramsden Cup mainly for suggestions.
Raith Rovers – Won 4-2
Ajax – Won 1-0
Partick – Won 1-0
Queens Park – Drew 1-1 after 90mins – CouponBurst

Cowdenbeath – Drew 1-1 after 90minsCouponBurst
Quite a close call this weekend, with the two games that burst our coupon drawing after both teams being ahead.
Although we’d prefer not to lose any money, with the fact that we came so close to a 2 out of 2 result at the start of the season is somewhat promising.
This coming weekend see’s the re-introduction of domestic league football so please use this as a forum of any suggestions, idea’s or tips no matter the league nor sport.
Remember we TicBet focus this on helping you the Celtic support. All input is greatly appreciated & welcome. We also appreciate words of advise where we could be going wrong.

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