Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Well another SPL season is just around the corner, so it’s nearly time to look out your lucky scarf, fill yourself with the kind of optimism only possible before a ball has been kicked and of course prepare to renew old rivalries, only this time, this year like no other, everything is different, the game is still the game, but the game has changed. Do not worry though, despite what the naysayers have insisted on telling you, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad, it just means, well, different.


I’m gonna level with you here bhoys and ghirls I hated every second of the Rangers (or whatever the fuck they’re called now) saga. Not through any sympathy for the plight of our former foes you understand, but purely and simply because all I, all any of us have heard, read or watched about Scottish football in the last few months has been unremittingly negative.


I came dangerously close to giving up on the game that has given me more moments of sheer ecstacy, more instances of abject despair than if I had an industrial strength heroin addiction.


Now though with the action itself nearly upon us, the fog has been lifted, and I can see life in the Scottish game again. Maybe it’s the realisation that despite the scaremongering, despite the bullying and the threats, clubs all across the land have stood shoulder to shoulder with those who really matter (the match going support) and have actually done the right thing, actually taken a morally sound decision. Rangers/Sevco/The Rangers (whatever I really don’t care) are in Irn Bru SFL 3.


As one Scottish football supporters have drawn a line in the sand, everything that happens now happens in an entirely new context. It is up to us to ensure that this post liquidation, post Rangers future is a rosy one. Forget the dinosaurs of the past, there is no place in the new Scottish footballing landscape for the negativity and flagrant agendas espoused by Doncaster, Regan, Traynor and Keevins, they will linger for a while, but if we play this right, before long they will be consigned to the history books, under the chapter ‘counter revolutionaries’.


The financial wasteland we were repeatedly told would be upon us has not materialised, Sky are still here, yes the terms are reduced but by an amount that can easily be made up by a modest rise in attendances. The signs are encouraging, reports of increased season book sales and sold out allocations are enough to put a skip in this fans step.


We were told we needed a strong Rangers, we don’t, what we need is a competitive league, full of locally nurtured players in stadiums that are welcoming and accessible to all, and we have the chance of a lifetime to make it so, it is a chance we must not miss.


The blue team from across the city (I’ve given up trying to work out what to call them) will be back, they will be a different animal but they will be back, and on their journey they may even stir up some interest in the divisions below the SPL. When they do return there is a good possibility they will find a new, shiny, sexy SPL with a resurgent ‘New Firm’ or a genuine challenge from the capital, that my friends is a thought to relish.


So it’s up to us my dear friend, let’s bin the negativity, let’s end the scaremongering, it’s time to do as the title of this article implores, and ‘always look on the bright side of life’.


Alastair is a frequent blogger with his own site Balls Boobs and Blow (a mix of football and fiction), he is second in command at entertainment site The Write Club and can be found on twitter



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