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THE CELTIC NETWORK ON SULIASo What is Sulia ? Sulia is a new news publishing and sharing site on the internet. I first found out about it a few weeks ago when Brian McNally started broadcasting from it. It’s an ideal platform for delivering short blogs and articles a sort of half way house between a full blown blog and Twitter.
The Celtic Network are currently Ranked 3rd in the SPL category (a category which did not exist until we asked for it to be created) and 43 overall in the soccer category.
I plan to use this to put up short articles that are not large enough to be blogs so a lot of stuff will appear on Sulia that does not appear on TCN.
So we would like to invite all our followers on twitter, facebook and Google+ to also follow us on Sulia to make sure celtic fans news and media gains a new global audience.

You can find us on Sulia here

The Celtic Network is a Not for profit site however we do endeavour to raise
money for our four nominated charities and basic running costs of the site. You
can help us and others by either buying our

or if you don't fancy the book you can donate

via Pay Pal. All profits from the book and 80% of profits from
donations goes to our nominate charities

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