New website to expose liars and cheats in MSN and Scottish football


A new web site has emerged to help fill the void left by the Rangers Tax Case. It’s called the Scottish Football Monitor . I’m sure many like my self welcome such a blog which will shine a light on the murky world of  Scotland’s main stream media or the Laptop Loyal as they are better known.

From what I am lead to believe what we have seen so for regarding the old Rangers FC and sevco may only be the tip of the iceberg therefore it’s great to see that this group of people have decided to come together in order to get the truth out into the public domain.

The MSN are fighting a loosing battle to keep control of the news you read. Last night I was thinking about the daily visits sites/blogs on the Celtic network receive and if you add in sites like Kerrydale Street, Celtic Minded, Celtic Underground, Etims etc the combined daily readership of these sites are probably as high if not higher than the MSM in Scotland.

Here is the first two paragraphs from the new  Scottish Football Monitor:

The purpose of The Scottish Football Monitor is to pay homage to, and carry on the work of the groundbreaking RangersTaxCase blog (RTC). The aim of the Scottish Football Monitor is to cast a questioning and watchful eye on Scottish Football officialdom and the compliant mainstream media (MSM).

Scottish football, in the immediate wake of the Rangers FC liquidation, faces great challenges. The MSM have provided no sensible checks or balances on the actions of the authorities. The Scottish Football Monitor aims to provide those checks and balance.

Please read the full article Here

You can follow The Scottish Football Monitor on Twitter: @TheSFMonitor

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