Up to Five Years Negativity for Sevco Fans

As announced on a recent article by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain the Liquidators are moving into Ibrox next month. According to his source the full process could take up to five years. Now considering Sevco Scotland fans consider themselves to be supporting the same club that died in May that’s up to five years possible bad publicity for their club/franchise.

There could be arrests and prosecutions of people involved at a high level of ‘their’ club you know the one that the MSN and Sevco fans go out of the way to claim everything’s the same as it was before? Meanwhile UEFA etc clearly have drawn a line under that dead club.

During the liquidation process there will be a lot poking into corners that some of the old hierarchy and the Sevco support will not be comfortable with. This will constantly drip out negative information on the operation of the dead club.

Over the next few years it will be interesting to see if the current blind attitude of the MSN and the Sevco support of ‘it’s the same club’ will survive or will we see a total disassociation with the dead club and its claim to trophy’s and world record championship wins as the sediment of alleged corruption rises to the top and providing possible embarrassment on a large scale?

Will they still say it’s the same club or will it turn into ‘that was the old club nothing to do with ‘The Rangers’? The fun is just beginning.

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