TicBet Transfer Window Update

TicBet founded late season 2011/2012 was setup as an advisory tool for Celtic supporters on Twitter. Founded to help Celtic supporters using twitter to beat the bookie & more importantly help us tims make a big of extra cash on what can be seen as a weekly outlay.

Although TicBet hadn’t seen a great return of winning selections, a large area of its setup was to at least offer a selection of games hoping that with the research that had gone into each game would help each follower with their individual accumulator.

TicBet within its original setup, consisted of 5,6 sometimes 7 good decent Celtic fans all focussed on the same idea – To help out other Celtic supporters.

Although TicBet is seen to promote gambling, we worked on the idea of promoting small stakes advising to gamble responsibly. Our aim was always to help Celtic fans beat the bookie but without being reckless.

I’d like to applaud these fans who helped with TicBet, they know who they are and they know that I personally wholeheartedly appreciated every effort they all put in.

So come Friday, the transfer window had closed however there was still one deal that had to be finalised and that was to hand over the reigns of TicBet to new owners.

I feel the idea of TicBet has plenty to offer Celtic supporters however I feel that it’s best to let someone else take control & provide new life, hoping that with new idea’s, concepts that this is of overall benefit to its followers.

The bhoy that now has sole control over TicBet I know from following for sometime has had his fair share of success beating the bookie so I’m hoping that with his added knowledge of not only football but other sports, this will help out those who follow the account.

I’d like to thank all those that followed the account, gave advice, opinions & support and I hope that TicBet goes from strength to strength.

Remember, that TicBet is an advisory account, setup to benefit its followers and it’s through other Tims spare time that this can be achieved.

Hail Hail & Best of Luck #BookieBashingCSC

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