Help me raise money for Cancer Research

 As some of you already know today is my first day of not being a smoker. The total program should take about 12 weeks. I’ve tried quitting before but always failed. This time however I have joined a program at my local Pharmacy who are supplying me with patches.

Each Tuesday I have to go and get a Carbon Monoxide test to prove I’m sticking to the program and this is where you come in.

Each Tuesday I will publish a blog and and image of the Carbon Monoxide reading and I am asking the Celtic family to support me my donating a couple of pounds per week via our pay pal portal on the front page. All the proceeds will be donated at the end of the 12 weeks to Cancer Research and I will publish the proof.

Below is an image of today’s reading which shows 10 parts per million of Carbon Monoxide in my lungs an non smoker should read no more than 5ppm maximum. The last Cigarette I smoked was at 10.00 pm last night. I am not going to ask for donations this week as I have noway of proving this was taken this morning. However If you take me at my word I’ll be happy to take donations from this week. From next week I will be taking a copy of a daily news paper with me to prove the image was taken on that day.

I will also publish how much has been raised each week. I hope you can help encourage me to stop smoking and in the process help raise money for Cancer Research.


Week 1 October 2, 2012

4 thoughts on “Help me raise money for Cancer Research

  1. Well done James…you stick to the programme and you’ve got my money. Good luck

  2. Well done James…you stick to the programme and you’ve got my money. Good luck

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