You may say I’m a dreamer…..

So Charles green thinks Scottish football is a mess does he. Lets take a look that shall we.

After a summer of discontent, doomsday scenarios and predictions of civil unrest, Armageddon and everything in between from most of the people connected to Scottish football if Charlie’s tribute act to the occasional embarrassment and permanent disgrace that was rfc* weren’t allowed first of all into Scotland’s premier league, then Scotland’s first division and finally accepted their fate to be (luckily but somewhat ungratefully) accepted into SFL div 3 what state is football in this country really in?….

Lets start at the top in the SPL, currently the SPL champions are ploughing a line furrow in Europe against some top class opposition, having gone in as bottom seeds and being written off by all and sundry they currently sit 2nd in the group behind none other than Barcelona. That of course means they are ahead of two teams who were ranked higher than them before the tournament started.

Meanwhile back at the ranch in the SPL  Celtic sit proudly at the top with 20 points with Hibernian, Aberdeen and St Johnstone joint second respectively with 18 points having played a game more. Inverness and Kilmarnock complete the top 6 both on 15 points. Hearts and Motherwell are next on 13 points with Ross County, Dundee Utd and St Mirren on 12 points with Dundee propping up the rest with only 4 points.
That means that Dundee aside there are only 8 points separating 11th place to the top of the league and only 6 points separating 11th to 2nd! That seems quite a competitive league to me, now don’t get me wrong it is early days yet but it’s not quite the  ‘Armageddon’ we were promised is it?  We even had Dundee Utd announcing they had made £1.75 million profit. And by all accounts attendances on the whole appear to be up from last year for most clubs however marginally it may be.

Now the Scottish first division and second division clubs have been somewhat immune to the impact of the zombie club in both their past and present guises as they have never had to rely on them for income and as such run their clubs with what they can afford, therefore these two leagues are in the same ‘mess’ as they were before the all knowing Charlie Chalk cast his eye over Scottish football.

Onto the league that has been most impacted by zombie f.c. The Scottish 3rd division had sevco thrust upon them at the 11th hour so lets look at the impact in that league shall we, most clubs that have played THE rangers f.c will have noticed that attendances are up and received quite a healthy financial windfall because of it, the other clubs will get their chance when TRFC come calling. Most clubs, by the time this league season is over in SFL div 3 will have received a financial boost they could only have dreamed of that may well keep their ‘wee’ club alive and kicking for a lot longer.

The players  and managers are getting to test themselves against better opposition in front of bigger crowds and showcase their talents, and far from being overawed by this team from the south side who have players and facilities far in excess of anything they could ever offer they seem to be relishing the opportunity with quite a few teams giving sevco 5088 quite a scare in the season so far by taking a number of points off them.

Next year the clubs in SFL div 2 will have the chance to experience the financial and sporting benefits that will come when the zombie travelling support come calling and so to SLF div 1 the year after if we are to believe Mr Lawell that no league reconstruction will happen so all in all many many clubs will be in a more prudent financial state in the years to come, we seem to have a more competitive premier league, we have a club in Europes premier competition more than holding its own and attendances appear to be up.

Call me a glass half full kinda guy but I think things seem pretty positive if you look at them like that. If I was a glass half empty kind of guy though, and I believed Charlie greens ‘mess’ theory you would have a hard time convincing me to buy shares in a 4th tier Scottish club!

By Wee Lubo

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