Bampots Book Launch and some pics

Prior to arriving at the doo me and the wife sneaked into Celtic Park for the last 15 mins of the game. I was delighted to see no one had bought my old seat. So I sat with my nephew for the first time this season and took a picture of where the Green Brigade should be and indeed it was empty. During my brief 15 mins A punter got up oot his seat and Shouted “f*uck you Celtic,yer f*ckin useless” and left his seat. I wisnae having that so I shouted at him “Gie me yer feckin season ticket ya dick”, he wisnae happy.

Anyway on to the doo Paul Larkin as usual made a rip roaring speech and it was a brilliant night out from what a remember. I had a good night with Krys (LB) Gaffney(CT) and Frank (MB) also had a good natter with Colette and her daughter Shannan and Willie Keane (as usual).

As well as these good times I finally met Harper, Billy Nowell, Lorenzo,The Black Knight and brother John, Steph O’Neill who ended up sharing a Taxi home with us and finally near Willie Keane (as usual) the end of the night Sniper. All in all a fantastic night only ruined by Harper’s shirt.

To anyone I have forgot I’m sorry I was slightly tipsy #HH

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