Leeches Sucking Our Game Dry

“Football Without the fans is nothing” – Jock Stein

I can only imagine how Mr Stein would react should he see the state of football in this country today.

A game where fat cat chairman, directors, managers, footballers & media are only in the game to take what they can and dismiss those who are the lifeblood of the game.

We have a national game crying out for a revamped, fresher model and rather than having the custodians of the game looking at the development overall, all they can do is look at the development within.

We have clubs who rather than cut their own throats and risk relegation to lower leagues, would rather see a poorer league with more clubs with meaningless games with the added farce or a 3 way split between 2 leagues after a cutoff point.

That time of the year, the old saying “Turkey’s do not vote for Christmas”

We have board members of THREE governing bodies who rather than seek the best for the national game, they will never look at uniting together, why’s this?

The cynic in me is that, should all three bodies unite, who does what?

Who takes the Chief Executive position?  Who takes on the chairman’s position?  Does Regan, Ogilvie, Doncaster, Longmuir and others keep the same contacts, salaries, perks etc?

A leading participant in the reincarnation of the Bundesliga offered Scottish football assistance on developing the game. The man came out with clear signals of what was needed to get fans involved and interested in the game. Starting from the Premier League, getting bums on seats and working towards better value for supporters and better results for the national teams.

Since the Bundesliga was restructured to its current form, attendance figures have been smashed year on year with fans enjoying great value for money football. Value for money, most tickets are cheaper than those of SPL clubs.

Was this man taken up on his offer of assistance? I think as is the norm in this country, they sought help from within, maybe help should be looked at from outside. It may well be a fresher, open voice who can easily distinguish the faults without wanting to step on toes is what’s required here.

We have multiple, multiple voices in the media who again are in no way interested in seeing something which may lead them to possible losses. Many a football pundit this past 12 months has backed SevCo Scotland to be catapulted back up the leagues, why?

Imagine life without a Glasgow Rangers, SevCo Scotland?

Less “ra peepul” buying the rags, less “ra peepul” listening, calling into the radio phone ins. If that dwindled, then the need for so many “experts” will dwindle too.

Leeches like these continue to suck away at our game, forever more taking the blood from the game.

Whilst it’s becoming increasingly impossible for fans across the country to turn up at football, these same “experts” are provided with a free meal & ticket all whilst having none more than a negative dig at our game.

I remember a story well when after Fergus McCann had taken over Celtic, he was given a tour and whilst looking around the famous “sky box” he asked what this was used for.

After hearing that is where the media were located for games with catering Fergus asked the question “How Much?”

Let’s just say that it was the final time the media got a free meal at Celtic Park as far as I’m led to believe however they still have luxuries that I wouldn’t allow.

Call the English Premiership over the top but one thing they can be praised for is exactly that –

You have a dull, boring draw and those providing coverage will ensure that they can put some life into that game whether it be skill or controversy, In Scotland you’re lucky to get highlights without knowing the score beforehand.

I’m sorry but whilst we have the parasites within Scottish football that are only in it for themselves, then continue to feel short changed, unvalued & worthless.

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