No need for a weekly statement

Whilst some other suits involved in other football clubs prefer to see their name attached to a weekly, bi-weekly, sometimes daily public announcement  one thing i’ve begun to admire more about those controlling Celtic FC is their desire to show others that it’s not always worthwhile putting public opinions out for all to see, hear, read & take apart.
Whilst other’s prefer to put madcap announcements out, Peter Lawwell & Co have always kept their cards close to their chests. Don’t get me wrong, I have many a gripe about the club, some on a communication level itself but you have to admire the clubs’ stance on the whole NewCo SevCo fiasco and the constant whining of the laptop loyal in their vision of fast tracking Scotland’s newest club.
Whilst we still wait on SevCo announcing their lucrative deal with Adidas, Lawwell & Co. surprised everyone by announcing a new sponsorship deal with Magners. In a current domestic football climate where even the Premier League appears to be struggling for a new sponsor, this for me is quite a feat.
Other madcap comments from a certain Yorkshireman continue to not only make other supporters laugh but as we go on, I’ve noticed more SevCo supporters start to raise questions about those running the scenes at Ibrox. The more he comes out with ludicrous comments, the more these pass without any proof the more we’ll look at running shop at Ibrox as “The gift that keeps giving” Whilst we do, will we see any stance from supporters? Probably not.
So again whilst I have my own personal reservations regarding the powers that be running Celtic. I say, Raise a glass. Whilst others run their mouth’s & cling to every scrap we could provide them (See Juventus) We continue to do our business quietly & efficiently.

Good Luck Lenny & The Bhoys – Right Behind You. #YNWA

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