Tam Rogne, Top Earner?

Back in September I put a blog on TCN regarding Thomas Rogne’s first contract rejection. I stated that in my personal opinion, Thomas Rogne was the best centre half we had at the club, that WHEN Thomas is Fit, our defence is more solid & reliable.
This blog was posted as it was in reply to comments made with Norwegian press whilst he was on international duty, comments which resulted in the centre back being fined by the club.

“I have played when I have been healthy and feel I should be paid like the other players in that category but the deal has been much worse,” he was quoted as saying. The salary must reflect my value.”

Looking at these comments first & foremost, you won’t do yourself any favours by coming out publicly and criticising those who you are negotiating with. For me I’m a firm believer of doing you’re talking ON THE PITCH and should that be difficult due to not being involved, running your mouth will do your chances no good. For me these comments are solely down to making others aware of the players contract situation rather than making a renewal more possible.

Secondly, if you are unable as a player to put together a strong run of consecutive performances, why should you make demands of a similar salary than those on £25k per week?

If your involved in the first team just as much as the likes of Wanyama & Hooper, those are the first two players I’d be negotiating top earner status at the club.

Again as much as I feel Thomas is a really good defender, I feel that he has to be available for the majority of the season to be considered in the same bracket as Brown, Samaras & other top earners.

5 thoughts on “Tam Rogne, Top Earner?

  1. A ‘chippit’ apple is still a ‘chippit’ apple, not matter how nice the rest of it tastes and should cost the same as one that is fully fit for consumption.

  2. A chippit apple is a chippit apple no matter how nice it tastes and should Not cost the same as one which is fully fit for consumption. Sorry about that.

  3. Kraljski
    Spot on with every word. It is a cruel world, football. Perhaps a wee reality check on the streets of Glasgow of a night might help him put his wage problem in perspective.
    And I must agree wholeheartedly that there is a place inside for one’s private dirty laundry. It should not be tainting the fresh, clean outdoors.
    H H

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