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kanes wish list
After a horrible week for us Celtic fans we should now take the time to show that we are a united and positive thinking ‘FAMILY’. TCN would like to ask our visitors and followers to unite and help out young Kane and his family in their quest to give the wee man a good quality of life.

Kane is 11 years old. He has LFS (Li–Fraumeni Syndrome) which causes cancer in children and young adults. He has been fighting liver cancer since February 2012.
He has embryonic liver sarcoma of the rarest kind and his tumors are wrapped around his main tummy arteries so therefore cannot be removed.
With no further treatment available for him, Kane & his Mother are traveling to Frankfurt Liver Centre in Germany where Kane will receive Transarterial Chemoablation Therapy.
The intent of transarterial chemoablation is to eliminate the primary blood supply of the tumor, with the idea that the tumor will die without proper nutrients. A chemotherapeutic agent is injected into the hepatic artery, where the liver primarily gets its blood supply, and the artery becomes occluded and blood flow stops.
This will give all of Kane’s family & friends more time to spend with him, completing his dreams and goals on this wishlist.
The bad news is, this treatment costs £4,000 each treatment and Kame needs 5. that is 5 at £4,000 each, plus 5 lots of flights & accommodation. We desperately need your help.
We have decided to set up “Kane’s Wishlist” to help him achieve all his goals, ambitions and luxury wishes he has set out to conquer in his life.
The money raised on this page will go towards Kane’s once in a lifetime trip to the fabulous New York! It will also contribute toward the things on his ‘itinerary of his life’.
The whole family have been overwhelmed with gifts, donations & lots of support and kindness. We would like to thank everyone for all they have given or done throughout the past year.
We hope this page will create a community of strength and a place where people can follow Kane through his journey.
Thank you very much, Kane’s very proud family xx
Kane’s Wishlist, by Kane 
1. Go to New York
2. Go on a helicopter
3. Go to Cadbury’s World
4. Go see Northern Lights
5. Fly a plane
6. Go to hotel have room service
7. Drive a racing car
8. Get cool BB gun and shoot Mum with it
9. Go-kart race with my friends
10. Get iPad
11. Meet David Tennant
12. Win a competition
13. Blackpool water park with my friends
14. Hit Daniel with a custard pie
15. Meet Celtic players
16. Get a remote control plane
17. LEGO shopping spree
18. Paintball party
19. Brandy Burn camping party
20. Have a huge food fight
If you can help with any of the above please Contact Us and we will pass you on to the family

You can follow Kane’s Wishlist by liking the Facebook Page at KANE’S WISHLIST Follow on Twitter @kaneyswishlist
Please make a donation HERE


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