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The Celtic Trust have been doing a wonderful job for FAC and the Celtic fans in general by providing a simple email set up which helps you easily contact you MSP’s and the ‘Gang of Four’ namely Alex Salmond,Kenny MacAskill,Roseanna Cunningham,Christine Grahame.
Many fans including my wife and myself have used the forms to great effect and personally we have had 3 replies. Patrick Harvie of the Greens and Ruth Davidson of the Tories have both been very supportive in their replies. However when you send the form to Mr Salmond it goes to his constituency office who reply since you are not a constituent of Mr Salmond you should contact him via the following address.
In order to help FAC and the Celtic Trust we have slightly altered the generic mail message for Mr Salmond.
Please copy and paste the following into an email add your full address and send it to the above address.
Dear Mr Salmond
Policing of Celtic fan protest on Gallowgate, Saturday 16th March 2013.
I am writing to you, as concerned citizen, to ask you to support the call by the Fans Against Criminalisation group for an inquiry into the police action at the this event.
There is widespread alarm throughout the Celtic-supporting community and wider Scottish society about the way that this peaceful protest, albeit unauthorised, was policed.
The events of that day have implications for the right to demonstrate peacefully in our society. The images of police officers brandishing truncheons and large numbers of young people and families being ‘kettled’ are extremely disturbing and nothing short of an independent inquiry will be sufficient to restore trust in the police.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
[Your name here]

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