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As many of you know we are currently working on a new version site which will launch before the new season begins. As well as the addition of a full blown social media platform on the site (details to follow) we are also working on an app for Android platforms.
We will also be changing our social media channels. Due to the rise in popularity and flexibility of Google + we will be phasing out our Facebook account over the next 2 months. This will allow us to concentrate our social media output on just 3 platforms  Google +, Twitter and Sulia. Google + offers far better user interaction via live video chat but most of all the whole Google package including docs, YouTube etc is definitely the media platform for the next 5 years or so.
Our decision to phase out facebook is mainly down to the amount of adds and the probable monetisation of the platform.
As we are developing a new version of this site we feel this is as good a time as any to reach out to other Celtic fans media sites and supporters clubs and ask them to consider joining the 76 sites and supporters club already partnered with The Celtic Network.
We have some spare places as some of our original partner sites have shut up shop.
If you have a Celtic blog, forum,podcast or Supporters club please visit here to submit your site to
Can you help TCN ?
We are currently trying to raise funds to keep the site going for next season. Please read this.
Thank you

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