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Butterfly Kiss
Katie Barnett and Jack Mullen. Pic from Oran Mor
I had the pleasure of some top class company yesterday in Oran Mor. I met up with @garngadbhoy67 , @LWordsmith in the beer garden at Jinty McGinty’s then headed along the road to Oran Mor to take in ‘A Play, A Pie and A Pint’.
The play was Butterfly Kiss by Dave Anderson and starred @garngadbhoy67 son Jack Mullen along with Katie Barnett and Dave Anderson himself.
An Old Guy visits a “Seaside Museum” on his bus pass, where he finds a Punch & Judy stall. When no-one is looking, he peeks in, and finds himself in the year 1960. He’s 15 years old, and holidaying on the coast of the West of Scotland.
It’s a world of rock’n’roll, “teenagers”, burgeoning consumerism, rampant hormones, lazy daytimes gazing into rock pools, love of all things American, and A Girl. 
Not The Girl he’s left behind and whom he’s afraid of losing to an Older Man (17 years-old). No. An altogether more exotic creature. The one who introduces him to the Butterfly Kiss. 
Dwight Eisenhower is President of the United States
Elvis releases “It’s Now or Never” 
A message in a bottle is washed up on the beach.
People have jobs, making things. 
There’s only one TV channel, to which only some people have access. 
The performances of Jack Mullen and Katie Barnett where outstanding and brought a great energy to the play. Also Dave Anderson’s score is top notch. All together it’s a great wee play which if you get a chance you should go and see.
After the play we had a good chat with Jack a good Celtic bhoy and an absolute credit to his father.
It was a surreal ending to the day as a thing called the Sun shone down on  @LWordsmith and myself in the beer garden of Jinty’s.
All in all a cracking day out with some cracking people. Thanks to @garngadbhoy67 for his generosity.
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4 thoughts on “Bampots Thespian Society – Oran Mor CSC

  1. Jas
    Sounds as though you had one of those days of wine and roses. I have had a few of those blissful days in the hills of the far north but never in the city itself. In fact Oran Mor is a new one on me and I have done some trawling of an evening in the Glasgow streets long ago. I have to say the list of topical interests back in 1960 is one full of personal nostalgia. I was far from home and had little access to news but I do remember the boring drawl of Dwight D. and the romantic warnings of The King. I think I started imitating him strumming a washboard round about then. I nearly developed a warped lip :). Not that it helped my singing. And people did have jobs – many from cradle to grave. But that was well before the darkness enveloped the land under Thatcher. Much of the shadows cast then are still hovering over all of Britain even yet. Where are Frodo and Gandalf when needed?
    Tomorrow our own Hobbits should cast a ring of bright light on Paradise should all go to plan. I pray Neil has not penned another sequel as my old bones are already aching with the extended version. I am sure there will be good cause for a sip. I just need to make sure I am propped up by the bedside beforehand these days as I can never make it up the stairs after a couple or two. Thinking back, that does not seem much different from some nights in 1960, mind you. Anyhow, the best of luck to the bhoys tomorrow. I hope we are all in joyous mood come around 14.30. I do hope the lads waste time getting changed so that Neil can join in the celebrations. It would be the best two fingers ever shown to the numskulls from Mordor Hampden. To those who are going, I wish you a fantastic day.
    My wife is from Anglo Land and that makes her English, I guess. Listen, there has been that much inter- breeding down here by so many different invaders over the centuries one can never be quite sure what you are marrying. Whatever the mix, it has produced a cracker and let no man contradict me. She has nagged me for years to spend a week or so in Glasgow to show her the city. For me that is a grind after I have been to Parkhead. I have been trying to convince her there really is nothing else worth seeing. Now the spanner is in the works, Jas, because even I want to experience Oran Mor now. No doubt I will succumb some time soon, thanks to your engaging tale.
    H H

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