1. Jas
    Only listened on CTV but for some reason I was as excited as my first ever League win that I can appreciate in 1966. I was a kid (10 actually) in 54 but can only remember the old man being as daft as I was in 66. What a run after that!
    As for yourself, Jas, I ask that you take a bow along with the other bampots for your contribution to a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable, despite the bad days, season. For people like me, you have introduced a unique and blessed addition to following Celtic. In spite of distance, finances and incapacity, I feel very close to my fellow Celtic supporters and have a firm belief that I genuinely have a place in the wider Celtic family. And it is all down to the generous spirit of you and others like you. Please never underestimate the impact of your work as well as your personality on me and those in a similar situation. You bring the taste of camaraderie from the old terraces that I miss so much right into my home and I will be ever grateful to you for it.
    To go back a couple of posts, God willing I will take you up on your proposition for a pie and pint at Oram Mor. In May I am off for a month to the blessed green isle across the Irish sea. I have had several short visits for various purposes but never a proper holiday. My wife has never been and it has long since been on our “to do” list. We decided now was the time before the creaking old bones stopped responding and my travel insurance goes through the roof (it’s around the level of the coving at the moment. If nothing else, keep your ticker in good shape). The month is simply because we take twice as long to do what you young ‘uns can and besides, now we are well into retirement, we have plenty of time – at least before the ultimate trip when we will have time everlasting one way or another :). So my boy, when I return and get my breath back, I will definitely be making arrangements for a good night like the one you had recently. It would round off a brilliant season to toast it with a friend such a yourself.
    It sure is a grand old team to see – Hail, Hail!

    1. You’re far too kind PB. I’m delighted that the site makes you feel part of the community because that was my original idea for starting up.
      I hope you and her who should be obeyed have a great time.
      Hail, Hail fellow Champion 🙂

  2. I note your going to the Oran Mor, you might know my daughter she works in there, her name is Shaz, she’s a good laugh

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