Statue debate is a distraction.

I noticed today there is a bit of a debate surrounding a proposed statue dedicated to Celt’s For Change. My personal opinion is this. I don’t and could not care less about statues outside Celtic park. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to commemorate important Celtic people or groups but we have a bigger problem to sort out just now.
We should not be getting bogged down is silly infighting over a statue when we are still waiting for answers from this current board on their relationship with Strathclyde Police now Police Scotland. We are still waiting on answers to why this current board seem reluctant to back Celtic supporters who are being harassed by the Police for alleged ‘Thought crimes’.
So if we are going to have an internal debate in my opinion it should be about this current issue which is far more important to the well being of the entire club than who’s said what regarding Celts for change and what statues people want.
We need this ‘communication’ problem with the board sorted out ASAP, then we can argue about statues.
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7 thoughts on “Statue debate is a distraction.

  1. That is a rumour. It’s actually only a set of titles outside the entrance that the club have planned. It’s to mark the 20th anniversary of the Celts for Change group for their efforts in 1994 to save Celtic from liquidation. Well deserved in my opinion.
    I totally agree with you that the Celtic family should stick together and support Fans against criminalisation and the club need to do more that issue a weak statement. Actions speak louder than words.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up mate. Just shows how information can get garbled on social media. #HH 🙂

  2. Jas
    Late call but I am a bit tied up tomorrow so wanted to get this in before bed. Re the mix-up, that is why I like to hold fire till all the facts are clear. But we Celtic supporters need to be more careful than most that our words, as so often is the case, are not misconstrued for purpose. As to the serious issue of the board’s lack of solid support for the policing of fans, you know my feelings. I fail to understand how they can consider how they can repay the fans support and not include a proper remedy for this canker. What they did about STs and stadium reformation is great but that is like putting a plaster on a nick when the victim has potentially fatal gunshot wounds. What a mess. On one side of town a weak and dying club whose CEO has called foul from the rooftops for months and had hordes of followers as a result. On the other, there is a strong, strong club whose CEO whose voice has barely squeaked and he is in danger of alienating his hordes. Let’s get sorted. This is crazy stuff and unbecoming of the ethos and stature of our club.
    H H

    1. Well said PB. We are in the strongest position ever but we need this distrust taken away because without that we can’t really grow.
      We have a great future but it can be magnificent if we all move on together, 🙂

      1. Hi Jas
        Sneaked on while the better half is getting ready. That gives me hours yet. Your last sentence is a beauty. Should be on the front door of Celtic Park – and I aint kidding.
        H H

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