bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months – Joke Act

So are we meant to be impressed by those figures ? 5.5 convictions per roughly 230,000 people per month is a bit crap if you want to claim that this ‘bigotry law’ is working.
Here is a good question: How many of those convicted could have been convicted in law under the pre ‘Anti Bigotry’ laws ?
Answer ? The Scottish Government don’t ‘collate those statistics’. That was the answer given to a Scottish Labour MSP on enquiry.
That is one of those strange things that happen within Scottish Government akin to ‘All the data we have on anti Catholic sectarianism has been lost’.
Thankfully this site doesn’t need to waste anymore time explaining why the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act is a total failure. The figures, Hampden and Berwick speak for themselves.
Alex do yourself, your party and the country a favour and pull this act in for an early review. We will happily support you if you admit this act was a mistake. We all make them.
If not this will be the your party’s Poll Tax and we all know what happened to that party.
Big Thanks to Siobhan McMahon MSP

6 thoughts on “bigotry law produces 55 convictions in first 10 months – Joke Act

  1. In the mid nineties Strathclyde Police conducted an internal survey of all of their staff who were asked whether they had been the subject of sectarian abuse from colleagues. They must have lost that information too as the results were never made public.

  2. paulmcCann
    I think this might be an unfounded assumption about Slamond’s bed fellows. I pray to God it is because I want to believe Scotland is not as vile a place as our public exposure often indicates. Living down south one experiences the kind of convenience politics of the Salmond type as well but because there is such diversity such stratagems often have to be severely tempered. Scotland just may be historically a bit more used to imposition from above and submissiveness from below. It also has practically no significance at the U.K. political level. A certain woman proved that, unequivocally. Like it or lump it, Scotland is practically irrelevant to other U.K. voters. The English voting battle, and that is the only significant one, is fought mainly within the English middle class. So, it is perhaps that politicians in Scotland may feel they can chance their arm a bit more rather than that they have a specific agenda. However, as Jas has pointed out, they need to be aware that there is a growing discontent, in the Central Belt at least, and the voice of the people just might become thunderous and dangerous. I do sincerely hope your comments are born of anger and frustration and not fact. If they are not, then my plans for an eventual return will be very much on hold. My dear wife is English and I would not spoil her love for my home country by exposing her to that sort of bigotry.
    H H

  3. Jas
    This once ill advised law has become indefensible. Where is Salmond heading with his policy of targeting specific groups? Naziism? He needs to have a very serious rethink. I happen to know for a fact that there are a significant number in the criminal justice system as well who would gladly help kick it into touch if only they had a public platform. Here is hoping – and hope springs eternal they say.
    H H

  4. This makes a welcome change from reading about your stupid cat dying and your pathetic attempts for sympathy.
    Problem is you still look like a thicko and start yapping about anti Catholicism when this is a law against the working classes and not any particular religion

  5. Shannon unflattering said,
    ” Problem is you still look like a thicko and start yapping about anti Catholicism when this is a law against the working classes and not any particular religion ”
    Actually Shannon, Jas looks highly intelligent in reality, although one’s book is truly difficult to digest simply from the cover, unless of course its possibly the bible.
    He also highlights ‘anti Catholicism’ as a common complaint and it is therefore proper to suggest so, in my and many an academic opinion of course, yes I said opinion, still allowed I hope..
    I think you may find this so ‘ The belief that anti Catholic sentiment or agenda exists more than toward any other ‘ where statistics to be made available.
    ‘Don’t hold your breath for that one though’.
    It’s all part of the wider sectarian issue don’t you know, as is blaming certain schools, but then the beat of preferential denial will no doubt go on.
    I suppose it will depend on which side of the religious table one’s napkin falls as to whether one feels short of a bread roll or not, although easily described away as a working class issue I suppose.
    Handy that for a sound showing of table etiquette.
    Catholics indeed, whom many consider and would contend are the most focused on group with regard to these unnecessary bills/acts and who believe it or not are still considered as part of the working classes too.
    At least that appeared to be the case the last time I checked.
    Perhaps when the so called kettle is put on for the wider community as swiftly and as easily as was offered to a particular section of the footballing community (not all Catholic I accept, but perhaps belonging to that perception) then perhaps he ‘Jas’ may refrain from singling out that growing perception as a special point of unwelcome attention, focus if you will..
    Standards, you see standards.
    Not double but equal..An imperative.!
    Of course this is simply my opinion and you are as entitled to yours as is anyone.
    Still, perhaps we are all just as unflattering thick as each other, who knows.
    Have a good day.

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