KANO Foundation Let Down by Celtic FC

It’s sad to report that one of our partners the wonderful KANO Foundation were let down by Celtic FC at their Charity Dinner on Saturday night. As far as we are aware the foundation asked for a Celtic player to attend as this has happened in the past. The club to our knowledge offered them a youth player for half an hour.
In our opinion that is an absolute insult to an organisation who put in a lot of hard work and fundraising every season to ensure that under privileged kids from all over the UK and beyond get to attend Celtic games. Can the club not see that in doing this they are positively promoting the club and acting on the ideals of our founding fathers ? We appreciate that we had a match on Sunday but surely one or two players could have been told by the club to attend ?
The Celtic Network will not sit idly by watch this happen. We feel it is only right to draw the attention of Celtic supporters to this slap in the face, that’s what it is. We could write a letter of complaint to the club but that is a waste of time these days because all we’ll get back is some soft soap reply.
Sadly this is just another example of the Club loosing touch with the core fan base.
There will be a representative from the KANO Foundation on tonights HomeBhoys, tune in
Please show your support for KANO by making a small donation HERE
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1 thought on “KANO Foundation Let Down by Celtic FC

  1. Jas
    Some of the club’s actions or rather lack of in recent years, have been incomprehensible. One really does have to wonder now if the ST move was more of a commercial flood barrier than a genuine thank you. On the other hand, if the likes of not having representation at important, ach shit, any supporters functions, is down to neglect or oversight, it is time to have a good long and very serious look at the PR department. Even Traynor might be an improvement – that was out of frustration before anyone imagines it seriously crossed my mind. You are well within your rights, Jas, to criticise this behaviour. The club is not bigger or better than the fans and Peter Lawwell saying it time and time again is an extremely weak, stingy and, one could say, derisory demonstration of fan estimation. It is also a distinct downgrading of the most honourable ethos we associate with the historical stature of Celtic viz. the support and promotion of good works. It is time the club realised this ideal constructed and cemented by Bro. Walfrid and companions in the founding tenets of Celtic Football Club, was intended to apply to everybody and not just the supporters. I guess our generation was well spoiled when we had managers, assistant managers, players and other staff regularly at fund raising functions, annual dinners etc. It was not uncommon to even have two or three. But then, looking back is always a rosy experience they say. But in this instance those were definitely better days and the Celtic family were happier and closer for it.
    Finger well and truly out Celtic.
    H H

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