: “Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they don’t shrink to fit inferior players”

This season was always going to be a strange one. A farcical situation with one club has meant that no matter what we say, it’s affected each & every club, supporter and some will possibly say players & coaching staff.

We as supporters would want our team to carry on regardless, we want to see the team do the very same as what we would do with the dead club any season previously. Go out win the league title and when the opportunity presents itself, bring in fringe & youth team players with a view of bringing on our own.

No matter what, we’ve had a terrific season. Through the domestic run we’ve had our ups & downs during the champions league run. We’ve had many a great night watching our team carry Scotland on the pitch and off. Players have put themselves about very well and won many admirers and this firstly has to be applauded. A memorable season in Europe I’m sure we’ll all agree.

So after our last tie against Juventus, the focus was all on continuing the march towards 2 in a row and making sure we progressed through the Scottish Cup. All successful on that front also. Again has to be applauded.

Overall on that front I’m sure we can all be positive about the success we’ve gained this season however I do feel as supporters we should be able to question certain elements as to how this has been achieved.

Take out of the equation the start of the season. Scrap the 2012 half of the season possibly right up to the Juventus ties.

The games after we were knocked out in Turin have seen Celtic players comment about winning the league asap so they can go on an early holiday. We’ve seen performances & what looks like effort levels drop and what I myself was looking forward to (introduction of fringe & youth) this hasn’t materialised as much as this season it should have.

The reason’s why off form players continue to be picked are for the manager, I’ll not question them but I would’ve liked to have seen more McGeouch, Watt, Fraser, Gershon, Rogic & more.

Talk of going on holiday though for me was disrespectful towards fans however it also gave opposing managers a piece for team talks For me alot of talk has been put out which was unprofessional & the mindset should-be been focused on winning the league first then talk later. Imagine being an opposition player hearing that your next tie with Celtic will involve a player already focussed on a holiday jaunt. Listening to @CelticDreams12 whilst putting this together – An example was mentioned.

Remember how Graeme Souness’s described our first leg tie in the UEFA Cup 10 years ago? “Men against bhoys” Look at the reaction in the second leg.

What brought this rant onto a blog – Check this beauty regarding a player a lot more could learn from.

Johan Mjallby : “Emilio always wants to be out there so we are going to have a wee discussion with him as he wants to train and play every game.”

Emilio for me gives his all for the team. He may have had his mistakes recently but give me a player giving his all making mistakes than one not and making mistakes. Izzy’s attitude towards playing football for Celtic and also how he interacts with supporters is unchallenged in my opinion with any other player currently at Celtic.

At the lap of honour after our win against Inverness you’ll have witnessed Izzy go over the advertising board into the fans whilst every other walked round the pitch. Izzy is always spending time with the support and deserves the up most respect for doing so and if we had even half a team with the same level of determination and desire to play i’m sure we’d have picked up more points than we currently have.

Hail Hail.

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