SFA Fiddle While Rome Burns

Recently via Twitter I asked the SFA if their association could help me out by supplying one of their fine body of staff to run a bath. As yet they have not got back to me. However let’s be fair to them.
They have been busy over the past few weeks taking care of the major issues which threaten the very existence of the game. Ensuring the game is free from anyone being called a fanny is afterall the key to a well administered game. Without this staunch and dignified stance the game in Scotland would crumble. I’m just glad that the SFA don’t waste their time by victimising any manager for smashing a dugout. Such openly aggressive actions can only be good for the game and set the proper example for youngsters all around the country.
Therefore I was delighted to see that the great administrators of the game today decided to ignore all the silliness and distractions bandied about by these idiot bloggers and the so called ‘Internet Bampots’. Instead they concentrated on the good of the game by bringing nasty Neil Lennon and media superstar Kenny Shiels to book. So well done to the SFA for keeping our football pure and clean.
As for the SFA’s detractors. These out of control Internet pests objective is to destroy the game in Scotland, calling for enquiries into the loyal SFA’s handling of the dignified demise and resurrection of the Rangers only damages our fair game.
We say Down with that sort of thing !

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