Can Celtic get it up for the final ?

Our form over the past while has been patchy. We are either hammering teams at home or struggling away from home. That’s been frustrating especially for the fans who pay good money to travel to away games. However the up and down performances are not my main worry.
Since we won the league some of our main players have been away on holiday. This in itself is not a bad thing, afterall it has been a long season with lots of games and the Champions League qualifiers start in July. My major concerns follow. Will these players still be mentally tuned in after a holiday ? Can they all come together again and show the degree of hunger required to win a Cup final?
I sincerely hope I’m worrying over nothing but there just seems to be so much chopping and changing going on. Hopefully over the last couple of games the team can gel together again for one final push and the holiday’s don’t have a negative impact.
Hail, Hail

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  1. ciao Bhoys,
    saturday 11 may marks the anniversary of Johnny Doyle ‘s birth, the celt whom our Csc is dedicated to. as a group of our members will be at the match, we as for to join us at Jock Stein’s statue (the man who signed Doyle) at 11,30 to commemorate Doyle with 1 minute of silence. then, if you want, print our paper linked here and show it to the players at the kick off. itìs our little gesture to honour our great celt, gone but not forgotten. Hail Hail – The Italian Celts csc

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