Thanks for your generosity.

Thanks to everyone who made donations to our appeal to fund the site for the next year. All were really appreciated and the money has been put to good use.
We managed to pay for our domain renewals, hosting for 1 year and purchase new software licences to enhance the new site that is currently under construction.
Thanks to your kindness we raised £370 which has been spent on the following:

  • 1 years hosting £288 inc VAT
  • Domain names .com & £14.84 inc VAT
  • Software Licence for new site development £38.86 inc VAT
  • Total Site Spend   = £341.70
  • We also donated £20 to @MrsFesty1888
  • Money left in TCN Paypal account = £8.30

Hopefully over the coming months we can raise some more cash to allow us to move to a faster server. I’m willing to match any donations pound for pound to achieve this.
Once again thank you for your generosity.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for your generosity.

  1. James.
    Well done and well done to all that supported the fundraising efforts. Asking people for money is difficult at the best of times however given the current circumstances its well nigh impossible.
    For those who dont know TCN is a non profit making site and James in particular contributes more than his fair share of postings and his time to ensure we get a great product.
    TCN now brings so many of the Celtic family together.
    How much would it take to get us to a faster server?

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