09/05/1998 – Best day of my Celtic life

On this very day in 1998 I had the greatest day of my Celtic supporting life. I won’t go into too much detail because you can read the full story when the Celtic Anthology is released.
Suffice to say I can remember the full day from waking up in a tent at 6.00 in the morning until finally passing out in the early hours of the next morning.
Just like today I awoke to a sun splitting sky, the day just got better and better. However on that day ‘Wim’s Tims’ won our first league title in 10 years and stopped a bunch of cheats winning 10 in a row. The joy I felt that day when Harold Brattbakk banged in that second goal against St Johnstone will live with me till my dying day.
The day was punctuated by three trips to The Garngad. One before the game, one on the way home and then back down for a party with tens of thousands of jubilant Celtic fans.
That day will live with me forever, it was my equivalent of Lisbon 67 in terms of sheer joy and pride. Every championship is special but this one was more special than any other.
Thanks to: Johnny Gould ,Tam Boyd , Rico Annoni, Jackie McNamara ,Marc Rieper ,Allan Stubbs ,Henrik Larsson, Regie Blinker, Craig Burley ,Simon Donnelly, Paul Lambert, Morten Wieghorst, Phil O’Donnell, Harold Brattbakk, Vim Jansen, Murdo MaCleod and most of all Fergus McCann
Champions 98 #SmellTheGlove
Sportscene special from that night

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