Walking in Walfrid's footsteps

Some time ago I began work on an idea in which I sought to provide a useful tool for Celtic fans on twitter to earn a bit of extra cash. I sought assistance from a number of other Celtic fans who had the same interest as myself and also were keen to make something of this idea to make it that little bit easier turning a weekly donation to a bookmaker to some hopeful returns.
My plan hadn’t been successful however one thing that I am happy to say did generate something worthwhile is that one of the Tim’s that offered to assist I have now met in person & continue to speak with.
The initial telephone call I had with Paul Lyon’s was aimed at what was called TicBet however a large part of that lengthy first discussion was also about Paul’s interest in doing something extra to assist those in need.
Paul had a vision that with the help of others he could reach out and provide help for those less fortunate. Throughout this initial discussion I had made Paul aware of Kibera Celtic ( http://kiberaceltic.ning.com/ ), a football team born in one of Africa’s largest slums.
After that call I then watched a TV documentary by actor Ross Kemp on the tragic case of Haiti, a country which is neighbour to a worldwide powerhouse however faced with severe problems that affects a large percentage of it’s population.
Haiti before the 7.0 earthquake was already considered a very poor country however please take a moment to look at a few pieces of detail which gives a small insight into what Haiti is facing today.
So with the vision & inspiration behind Kibera Celtic, Hoops4Haiti was born – http://hoops4haiti.org.uk/about-us/
Tomorrow, Saturday 11th May 2013 see’s Hoops4Haiti’s first fundraiser. Paul, Kerry & others involved have gathered together a live band, some terrific football memorabilia and with the help of your attendance they hope to raise funds for this terrific cause.
The venue is at the Rhoderick Dhu in Glasgow with kick off 8pm. Please contact Paul directly on @plyons45 or @realhoops4haiti on Twitter for further event details.

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