SEVCO – Battle Loyal Part 2

It has been relatively quiet on the Sevco front over the past few weeks. A wee bit of boardroom shenanigans but nothing really eye catching. All this tied in with information I have been receiving that Sevco were a busted flush but there was no definite timescale on their final demise.
Financially the business is a basket case but what was always going to kill them off was a legal battle over the control of assets. Documents appeared last night that support the latter.
A new account appeared on Twitter last night named @CharlotteFakes . The account proceeded to leak damaging documents in regards to the current ‘owners of  ‘Sevco Scotland’ . At first I was very sceptical of the source and the documents so I contacted some people who know ‘things’ and they confirmed that the source was solid. I trust these people.
So it appears the game is now in full swing. Leaks from one camp and boardroom musical chairs from the other. Also it should be noted that the SFA don’t appear to have clean hands here. The guy’s behind No To Newco have recently been calling for the publication of last year’s ‘Five Way Agreement’. This now has to be released to the public. .
So get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy the opening salvos in Battle Loyal part 2. This may take a while.

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