A Showpiece Event ? – Not in Scotland.

It’s finally here. Cup final weekend or as the Sevconians call it – The weekend.
I was reading Paul Larkin’s blog on Hail, Hail Media and as usual he’s on the money. The media have been rather quiet on ‘promoting’ this seasons showpiece event. In all honesty I was thinking back last night and it does seem that the media seem to have lost the ‘romance’ of the Scottish Cup.
Like many of you I can remember Scottish Cup final day being a great TV event which started at 10.00am. The show would follow supporters journeys on that day from their hometowns to Hampden. Archie McPherson would regale us with facts and tales of historic and not so historic cup campaigns.
The beauty about the shows format in those days was that it made the day extra special. You could watch the build up on the telly and then go to the game. Fantastic ! Now look at what we have now. The program starts less than two hours before the game and instead of Archie we have Snide Pat the dyke jumper and Rob (Sectarian chant lies) McClean. I suppose the shorter format of the show does us a favour there.
In an electronic age which offers so many more opportunities to make this a multi media spectacular BBC Scotland has failed it’s football fans. The English do a fantastic job of globally promoting their FA Cup final and we could learn from them. However if you want to put on a show worthy of a showpiece final look across the pond to the USA. The Americans have this nailed. If we were as bold as the States there would be wall to wall coverage on TV with multimedia access for fans. Also the Americans are not daft because they know to sell an event you need a full stadium. So to combat people just sitting at home they turn an event like a cup final which lasts 90 minute into a full day’s celebration around the stadium. They set up carnivals and events, true family stuff where everyone going to the game can have a full day of  fun. They even have major acts on at half time.
Now I’m not suggesting we can compete with the Americans in terms of media coverage or global appeal but surely we can implement some of their fantastic showmanship into our Showpiece Final ? Make it a great family day and something to show off to the world.
Anyway that’s ma cup final rant over. All the best to Neil and the Bhoys on Sunday.
Hail, Hail

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