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Guest post by The Rebel

Many Celtic fans unfortunate enough to happen across a parade of the peepils of illness, especially during the marching season, have commented on religious, racial and sectarian vitriol directed at them based on the perception of their religious orientation due to the football top they may have been wearing, ie, the green & white hoops.  ‘Ya Fenian bastard’ being a particularly used term.
In my opinion the victims of this abuse and harassment be it verbal or physical, should immediately demand legal intervention (arrest &detention) of the perpetrators no matter how large or small the congregation.  
Abuse directed at them under the watchful eye of Strathclydes finest, police officers who chaperon such marching throngs as allowed, ‘kettle-less’ it has to be said, under long standing laws of procession seem in the main to pass off without so much as a stern word or swift removal of said verbalists from said officers, as should be the case under section 74 of the criminal justice (Scotland) act 2003. Offences aggravated by religious prejudice. 
Perhaps if you do not bring it to their attention, they may not hear it. 
Point it out ( contravention of section 74 criminal justice Scotland act 2003 )
                            Offences aggravated by religious prejudice.
Such abuse is not uncommon in everyday life marching season or otherwise and all such abuse should immediately be brought to the attention of officers present, reported, and the expectation should be of the arrest, removal and detention of the perpetrator until justice is served. 
Failure of any officer to take such action would be in contravention of section 74 criminal justice Scotland act 2003 and would represent a miscarriage of natural justice and a failure to serve and protect you the citizen. In which case the officers name/number and division should be requested for complaint or further action, should that fail, to the courts of human rights and/or civil liberties.
I would urge all victims to make instant complaint and insist on that action regardless of occasion or number of abusers, and to do so as often as is necessary. 
Any abuse religious, racial or sectarian, should be reported under the above act and never accepted as normal, taken for granted or simply laughed off. 
Make officers act by demanding the laws in place provided for your protection and right to expect civility and decency on our streets is not in itself abused by ignorance. 
Whether you be walking down the high street or passing an ill man’s parade should make no difference, the law should be observed and acted upon, demand that that is so.  
Only by complaint every-time of occurrence by victims demanding their legal right to protection against such abuse, might these offensive behaviours be challenged until they are completely halted in Scotland. 
Use the laws and the officials placed in position for that reason.
Failure to protect and serve you, the citizen, from such abuse can be recorded and reported to a higher court even out with the Scottish boundary and should indeed be pursued. 
There are human rights laws in European convention that Scottish law is answerable to use them in the event that your protector fails to protect you and your rights.
The Rebel.
Seats For KANO

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