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‘Bonnie Scotland an invisible Banner for the free World’.
A  banner, a simple reading/spelling mistake pointed to a closer look at Scotland. It morphed in the cold light of day, when one removed all the banter and jiggery pokery and one up-man-ship into a blatant attempt to fuel division, racial and religious difference. 
It gave a glimpse to some of us that can read, write, spell and think into the future. It delved into what potentially lies beneath the calm surface in Scotland’s inclusive, diverse and welcoming society. 
Scotland’s proud adverts and statements of community value, fairness and equality for all with tolerance of others, was within hours ripped to shreds. 
Looking closely at the dyslexic attempt at shock & rage over an Islamic banner that never was, at Scotland’s national stadium Hampden park, should be quite worrying for Alex Salmond and a potential Scottish National Party seeking a vote for full Independence whilst promoting an inclusive Scottish society, at least one would be forgiven for hoping so. Especially it would seem, as the false rage emanating loudly from the so called Institution, the Establishment club, that he himself once spoke out on behalf of, not so long ago. 
If one looks closely at the reaction of the supporters of that Institution/Establishment club (old & new) from a different position, it reveals quite a lot about the true landscape of a potentially free Scotland. 
Independence indeed !.
‘Oh what a wonderful Island, the best wee Country in the World’. 
‘For the benefit of those of the eager misinterpretation, I did say ‘ISLAND !’
You see the followers of Islam in an Independent Scotland, might just have had a wee heads up as to who really might be against their residence and integration into Scottish society, for that matter so might any of immigration or differing religion to these well advertised ‘welcoming’ Scottish shores.
Immigration, racism and sectarianism have been a burning issue, mostly ignored it must be said, that has been bubbling away and for the most part ignored with regards to Irishness & Catholicism for many a year at least as far as Irish Catholics are concerned, and it’s not like those issues haven’t been brought to attention time and again with recorded high profile examples. 
Still those complaints, fears and objections remain un-addressed. 
Yes there was condemnation of a sort, but serious changes, well not really. 
In fact the very introduction of new laws rushed through on the back of a minor managerial touchline scuffle, suggest the long term concerns where never addressed or taken seriously regardless of the many opportunities previously. 
To then change laws in a knee-jerk desperate way to appear on top of the situation as if they were a new development, laws that were actually already in place but not strong enough to stop offensive marches, would seem to be simply papering over the cracks. 
The very marches indeed, that necessitate the need for those changes in the first instance being allowed to continue whilst producing these daft laws at the same time may seem like stupidity to you, but to me they were all part of an election campaign and just a tool to appear to be acting whilst simply, actually acting. 
‘ And this years Oscar nominations are…’
I may add tools used by those same politicians and media folk that continue to allow such an abhorrence or refrain from comments on them or the marches in question that are seen by many as cause of a major Scottish divisive. 
Parades accepted and allowed here and now, in Scotland 2013, that create such division and ill will within a much proclaimed diverse community. 
A community who should according to its grand design, expect equal rights, voice and opportunity with a guaranteed mutual respect, are never put across as a real problem, but only as an accepted part of Scottish life as they know it. 
Offended or not, it seems  ‘ We must all accept it, we always have you see’.
Don’t dare though show an ‘invisible banner’ that might upset the up-setters of many others in the double and treble standard Scotland show.
The reaction to the Islam banner that never was, from those upset peepil, although being totally mistaken, was for me very telling indeed and no doubt for some of us that see the wider issue. 
It’s an issue that eats at the very heart of Scottish society but is mostly ignored as if it is not there, I suppose ‘worryingly’ to appease the marching peepil.  
‘Well why else the inaction and silence on this recent mock outrage except than from a few conscientious souls of equality and integrity ?’
The multicultural fanfare, the trumpet blowing welcoming diverse society we are all fed as a projection of the fair and decent Scottish brand had been blown away within hours. 
The peepil’s reaction to a misread banner shows clearly just how much they resent other people, perhaps as they might seek by excuse, through association to what they see as an enemy to their Country in whatever warped ideology besets them. 
But then that is also no excuse.
This show of contempt for other races and creeds from the entity that time and again displays it’s contempt for the Irish Catholic immigrant, managed to create a banner that was never on show and broadcast it as factual to engage and enrage the gullible masses. 
It was to wrongly net and lambaste two birds with one stone, ‘to coin an old expression’. 
It was a show of complete Secularism, a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations. It was to show the peepils intolerance, of course not to generalise all of the peepil, but a more than able amount to create the tension of intolerance.
Irish Catholicism in the guise of the Celtic supporter ‘as they see it the enemy’, and Islam for whatever their ‘reasons may be’ as they then squeezed ‘all’ into one box, took the brunt of their secular vision and it clearly displayed speedily, in much angry and revealing comment over a banner that never was. 
These peepil in my opinion, have indeed showed their hand for those that wish to see it.
They support the Union yet it appears Scotland is theirs alone, for they are the peepil ! . 
So what then might be the vision of living in an Independent Scotland be for people not of the doctrine of these peepil, for decent ordinary folk ?. 
Yes I know the Union and Scottish Independence part may seem confusing and somewhat contradictory, but then nothing much is ever anything else it seems, with the ideology of the peepil. 
The noticeable permanent rage on changes that affect them is something most of us have become used to as making no sense, other than them being objectionable to the different voice, view and opinion. 
The marches are indeed an open window into that World should you look through it.
‘Why don’t you go home’. How revealing a phrase.
Whether that person be born here today of Irish stock yet Scottish or 5th or 6th generation since, it appears to matter not, you don’t belong, you see. 
It’s apparently not exclusive to those of Irish descent now. 
Islamiphobia too ?. 
Perhaps these are signs of what may be to come for the Islamist attempting to make his or her home in Scotland, as might be seen in such reaction to an invisible banner, by yes, you guessed it, those very same peepil.
No doubt media, nor politician, will comment on those perceptions as blatant as they might be in an attempt to reign in the peepil and the peepils views for fear of upsetting them. 
After all they be the establishment, the Institution, words that might now come back to haunt and devour on run up to new election date.
I saw in reaction to this invisible banner a sinister development pointing to a future Independent Scotland. A sneak preview through looking glass into what that Country ‘Scotland’, might look like and my conclusion is it has to be very worrying indeed. 
As the marching season progresses Scotland further regresses, and the peepil have their way and say, whilst the people that are tasked with the fair, open, diverse, welcoming and multicultural society seem content to sit on their hands and rest on old laurels.
A lot can be said and taken, to shed light in a banner headline, even an invisible one.  
‘Bonnie Scotland an invisible Banner for the free World’.

The Rebel.

8 thoughts on “'Bonnie Scotland' – 100% Halal Blog

  1. #Nail #Head
    And I’m not Scottish but been here for long enough to (a) love the place (b) live its socialist culture (c) detest its ‘secret society’
    and for the record, I am not a Celtic supporter but appreciate a lot of what the club stands for

  2. What incoherent nonsense. These people who are anti anything W.A.S.P are a product of union and are idiots. For those within the Celtic community to try derail our countries drive to independence, while shouting for total Irish independence from same union, smacks of hypocrisy in the highest. What we have here is a sly underhand attempt from the Labour party to play the race card and divide the pro freedom vote. Tell me if you get freedom for the 6 counties pray tell what you are going to do with these self same bigots in residence there? Send them “home”?
    Double standards me thinks. Is your dirade here just your own extension of football based politics? if you think staying in a corrupt union which feeds these people’s hate is going to change any bigoted views you sir are either delusional or you have an ulterior motive just as dark as those who parade down our streets

  3. 300yearcon was pretty much right, even if he was quite angry. Staying in the Union isn’t going to weaken the numbers or narrow minded beliefs of Scottish racists. Hanging onto the coat-tails of our big bullying zenophobic neighbour in the south will only encourage their mindset.
    The author also confuses 2 different events. There is voting YES for freedom and self-government which is entirely different from voting for Alex and the SNP.
    The Tories will do anything to hang on to Scotland and undermine our unity. This article aids the tory tactic of getting us all to fear each other in Scotland and to fear being governed by ourselves. But only a fool would choose to be governed by England.

    1. The fools have been governed by England it seems forever, everybody knows how undesirable that is/was.
      Independence is a desire I would assume all Scots long for.
      I believe though that there is a fair amount of naivety romping around if one is seriously suggesting that after 50 some years of fighting for Independence, King Alex and associates would simply stick to a game plan and offer that crown away almost immediately after placing it on the head.
      It’s a question of trust for me and the devil one doesn’t know rather than the devil one does.
      Personally I wouldn’t trust Alex as far as I could throw him, admittedly that isn’t very far.
      This is not a party political speech on behalf of the labour party or any other, just a concerned citizen who simply doesn’t believe that the SNP Independence argument is not more about personal ambition and Ego than the welfare of the Scottish people, especially the minority groups.
      I myself am yet to be convinced otherwise and to be frank, the attitude of lambaste for those not willing to yet agree on the merits or otherwise, actually brings more dread for me than what we have presently or indeed endured past, by way of government.
      The simple truth is we do not know what we will be voting for yet, there is no fear of Independence as I see it, no belief that Scotland isn’t capable of running it’s own affairs well.
      The question for me is on Mr Salmond the man to grasp the keys to the new Kingdom.
      There are a few issues to my mind in which he has failed, issues that may not be important to you or the next person, but which are paramount to me and on those I will judge by myself, without listening to the anti Independence claptrap that some spout.
      Allowing people to make their own minds up as intelligent articulate people, without the touches of shock horror, mock rage or upset at daring to question motives or possible pitfalls, again is paramount for me.
      The fella that began his comment with ” What incoherent nonsense” doth protest too much in my opinion !.
      Seemed a coherent enough piece for me, but then I tend to keep an open mind as the votes that count are a ways off yet.

  4. Jas
    You do realise that the people who march, reacted to the Achil thing and who have came out as bigots over Woolich all share one thing in common. That is the love of Greater Engerlund, they are unionists, a product of perfidious Albion. Now I am not saying that mainstream Scotland covers itself with glory with it’s acceptance of anti-Irishness/Catholicism. Howver using those characteristic traits of unionism ie. bigotry and hate is hardly an argument against independence.
    The ‘Irish Tories’ in the labour party are a laughing stock for trying to play the ‘Catholics not wanted here’ card. Fresh from their deal with the OO last year and zero initiatives to deal with said anti-Catholicism/Irishness historically. Their new found Britishness has more to do with the 17 million plus pounds they will lose in wages and expenses from Westminster.
    Check out the Celts for Independence facebook page. Unrepentant fenian anti-fa and pro independence. We would truly be a stupid people to vote against our own interests.

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