125 At The Double !

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What a season that was. In true Celtic style we honoured another anniversary by delivering silverware and making our mark on Europe. Today we celebrate our clubs first game in 1888 when we humbled the defunct RFC 5 – 2 at the original Celtic Park. All in all our 125th year has been a great success.
Neil Lennon and our players will now join the Centenary team which under Caesar lifted a league and cup double. Another great anniversary.
Before the start of the season I would have bitten your hand off  if you offered the double. However the greatest achievements this season came via the Champions League. Who would have guessed when we were 0 – 1 d0wn in our first game of the season against HJK Helsinki that we would get to the last 16 ? Bite your hand off ? I would have ripped your arm off for that 🙂 .
The people who have moaned about SPL performances need to appreciate how much a run like that in Europe takes out of the players. Also is it any wonder we took a dip in form after that ? We had no viable opposition at home. The only team that could beat us were ourselves. Domestically the team were on a hiding to nothing.
The away performances/results in Helsinki, Helsingborg, Moscow and Barcelona far outweigh some below par performances in the SPL which we knew we would win. I do have sympathy with members of our support who travelled to away games and got let down by poor performances. They were right to demand better than what they got in return. However the bigger picture shows that overall the team exceeded expectations.
To me the only major disappointment was the poor attitude that was displayed in the League Cup semi final. That was a game the players should have risen to.
I’m happy that our main objective of retaining the SPL trophy was reached. Everything else was a bonus. Just because we are the only major football club left in Scotland does not mean we should adopt the arrogance others have shown.
Well done to Neil Lennon, the players, Green Brigade and the wider support for providing a memorable season.
Halal, Halal

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1 thought on “125 At The Double !

  1. Hi Jas
    I have an hour or so available on the internet. Unfortunately I am in the dark again after tonight. Just to say hello and all the best with your current projects. I should be back on song next week sometime. Tomorrow I head for Ballymote and Bro. Walfrid’s home and memorial. Thursday and Friday I will be with a Celtic fanatic in Sligo hearing first hand stories about the great Sean Fallon R.I.P. I think there just might be a tale or two to tell on my return.
    I could not find a pub for the cup final just like Paul Larkin experienced in Limerick. I was dumbfounded that not all the Irish are into Celtic and fitba. They seem to be more aux fait with throwing, punching and an odd bit of “dirty”. What’s the difference then? Ah yes, referees!! Anyway, I watched it on CTV today and it was a worthy finale. for the season. I give it up for the Hibbees’ fans. They provided the death knell for the powers that be who claimed football was dying – no, one club was and that’s what niggled. Och, let’s concentrate on the good things in life and Sunday showed us not but a few.
    I look forward to getting my munchers into the blog again on my return. A few days re-adjustment and then it should be all go.
    Take care.
    H H

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