New TCN Site – By Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

Two years ago I was happy to welcome a newcomer to the Celtic internet.
I just knew that the Celtic Network (TCN) was an idea whose time had come and I was proud to write inaugural blog on the site and I also announced TCN’s arrival to my own readership.
Since 2011 TCN has become the Grand Central Station of the many and varied online outlets that Celtic supporters can visit and take part in.
I rarely make any claims to prescience however I am not surprised that it has been a roaring success.
TCN opened on August 24th 2011 and it started with 26 partner sites and now there are 80.
Monthly visitor numbers for the first full month was 20,000, but now it averages 70,000.
The total visitors so far stand at 984,836. Therefore it is a safe bet that TCN will break through the one million barrier in a week or two.
These are impressive numbers.
However, by the nature of this technology change is the only constant.
The new site is, I am reliably informed, more integrated to social media.
Having exhausted my knowledge on matters digital I will stick to what I know.
TCN demonstrated that it didn’t just have technological smarts, but it also had the courage to lead.
The site got off to a flier by asking Celtic supporters to vote on the subject of IRA chants at matches.
As I suspected the over whelming majority of Hoops fans were against this practice continuing although Lord Advocate Mulholland may change a few minds on that.
It would have been safer for TCN to duck the issue, but I’m glad that the people behind the site decided to show leadership.
When my site was attacked  several times in late 2011 TCN was there for me and gave me an online outlet to tell the Celtic Family what had happened.
Every day Celtic supporters use TCN as their nexus to connect with the Hoops internet.
It IS a brilliant idea, it works and I’m sure that this is just the beginning.
Well done partner!

Learn how to use the sites new social networking features here

5 thoughts on “New TCN Site – By Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

  1. Thanks for the info Phil and for all your good work regarding all things Celtic . Hail Hail!!

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