Ben Nevis Huddle – by @67mouldy67

Ben Nevis Huddle 2013
Doing the huddle for 125 4 125
Well that’s a pretty amazing weekend over,  with 127 folks climbing Ben Nevis to make a huge huddle and a couple of folks making a cycle from Fort William. The reason to support and promote 125 4 125.
The body’s are all tired today !
BUT, the hands are not and we can still type out some emails and posts.
LOOKING for your help where possible to make some donations to the 125 4 125 cause
To explain more about 125 4 125 , see further details below

Hello team
Just after the Barcelona game  a few of us took the pledge and took part in some events to support the  125 4 125 charity
Since then our aim is two fold
1. To promote the charity and engage  with at least one other member of the global Celtic family to do the same
2. raise some money “1.25” “12.50” “125.00” every bit counts
With a few events still to come up,
We are hoping to maximise donations and would appreciate any donations towards 125 4 125 cause
Follow Mouldy67 on Twitter: @67mouldy67 and please consider making a donation.

Would you like help and support to promote your charity fund raising ? If so please use our contact form to let us know. A major part of The Celtic Network is to help Celtic fans in their charity efforts.
Hail, Hail,

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