Has everyone forgot about Celtic fan harassment ?

Fans Against Criminalisation ?

I know that events move quickly these days but it seems some events are even quicker to be forgotten.
Anyone still remember the harsh treatment some of our fellow supporters have had over the past 18 months ? Just the small matter of people having their doors kicked in at 6 in the morning, people just off the plane being arrested coming back from holiday, fellow supporters harassed by Police and Stewards both home and away.
Have people also forgot about the lies told about the so called ‘Dundee riot’ or Stevie Kearney’s allegations that top officials at the club are involved in giving their supporters a hard time ? Just to back up what Stevie alleged. He was shocked when he found out that I knew exactly what was going on one month before he announced it. Stevie’s allegations are truthful. I know that for a fact.
Personally I don’t think people have forgotten but all has went deathly quiet since we won the double. It seems like everyone’s just went back and renewed their season tickets without one thought for our fellow fans who have had their lives turned upside down.
Thank God we have people like Jeanette Findlay, F.A.C, Green Brigade,The Celtic Trust, Siobhan McMahon MSP and some others who are still raising the issue of fan harassment.  I myself keep myself involved with the F.A.C campaign. I have been in there from the start like other supporters. So I’d just like to add something before my rant is over.
After the events in the Gallowgate on March 16th 2013 I contacted the following and submitted complaints regarding the behavior of the police.

  • Ronnie Hawthorn Head of Safety, Security and Operations for Celtic Football Club
  • Strathclyde Police, now Police Scotland
  • Various MSP’s
  • Fans Against Criminalisation 

Since then I have concluded my business with Police Scotland after interviews, statements and a lot of phone and email communications. I must add that it was Police Scotland who actually kept communications open. As for the MSP’s I am still receiving regular updates from them explaining the action they are taking. F.A.C have also kept in touch and I have joined them at demos and in the Scottish Parliament.
The one person who has not got back to me since an initial phone call on Tuesday 19th of March is Ronnie Hawthorn. The Silence from OUR club is deafening in regards to The Gallowgate, Stevies accusations and the harassment of our fans in general.
Sadly this brings me to one conclusion. They don’t see us as a supporters, they only see us as a cash cows.
Just incase you need reminding. Here’s what happened to Peaceful Celtic supporters in the Gallowgate.

3 thoughts on “Has everyone forgot about Celtic fan harassment ?

  1. i haven’t forgotten either,the new season should show whether any notice has been taken of the complaint’s

  2. I for one haven’t forgotten, Alex Salmonds’ lapdogs have being given carte blanche to arrest/harass/intimidate, anyone who dare to look the wrong way at a policeman. I think the SNP government have made a complete and . utter arse of this law and are going along with it until they can come up with a way of scrapping it and saving face at the same time.
    There is absolutely no accountability on their part in not providing ” an elected MSP” with answers to simple questions. I took your advice and sent the template email to the MSPs on the list and received several replies although it’s all words. We need action. Kill the Bill!

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