The Big Strip Off !

Home strip for 2013

New Celtic Strip 2013
So the worst kept secret ever is out. This is the new Celtic home kit for next season. Last seasons strip was always going to be hard to beat as it was a bit of a classic. When I first seen this new kit on Twitter weeks ago I never thought it was the real deal. Wrong again 🙂
As expected there has been a split between those fans who like it and those who don’t. That always happens but this kit seems to have caused more of a debate than usual. The main thing seems to be that the ‘hoops’ have been broken to reflect the sponsors logo. There is also an issue of price. An adult top will set you back £55 and a kids to is priced at £42. Now bear in mind that is before you add extras like names, numbers and badges. You could possibly be looking at in excess of £150 for one adult and one childs top complete with letters and badges. The minimum you will pay is £97 for the two. If you have kids it could be an expensive summer.
Personally I don’t really care about how the strip looks, I’m more interested in how the players wearing it perform. However I have to say that I feel the strip is overpriced especially in this financial climate. I’m also very disappointed but not really surprised that the support were not involved in the design. To me it looks like Magners have had a huge say in the design given that the split hoops resemble their logo. Personally that’s what really annoys me. Maybe I’m just not cut out for the new corporate football world.
Hail, Hail

4 thoughts on “The Big Strip Off !

  1. I like the top, thick it looks good, but there is no chance i will spend £55 on a football top, never bought them last year as £50 was to much. Also remember when a strip would last two years minimum, new home top one year, away top the next. three tops a year is a joke, £165 on top of season ticket prices is a joke

  2. it is expensive but when i think the new friends have made just by having the hoops on especially abroad abroad i think go on buy it you cant put a price on that hail hail

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