SEVCO – The Day of Reckoning !

I heard a lot about a video put out by Sevco last night. I resisted the temptation of watching it because Celtic were playing 🙂 However as to day went on social media was buzzing with the hashtag #DayOfReckoning .
Once I found out it was actually FREE to watch I had a peak and guess what ? It’s total bull however there is a piece at the end which had me in tears. That was after the riddy I had took for the two men involved wore off 🙂
So here’s my tribute to that fine video and the two men making an arse of themselves on it 🙂
I hope you enjoy 🙂

You can view the full video (which is equally funny) copyright Rangers FC 2012

20 thoughts on “SEVCO – The Day of Reckoning !

  1. Brilliant… editing was class. Two fat bawbags who cannot wipe the shite from there shiny new windscreen.

  2. I really despair, that propaganda cr@p is 1930s Germany.
    They were the ‘peepil’ as well, weren’t they?

  3. Keep saying it , keep repeating it , then oneday you might believe it ! Sorry administration then liquidation means only one thing ask woolworths! Then ROC ! Assets were sold , creditors were left unpaid there was no CVA , no point change your colours now mr traynor because sevco gave you a job . Check uefa website – rangers fc last game may v st johnstone 2012 –

  4. The same class as the last 140 years?
    Let’s set aside the utter fantasy that your club is more than 11 months old for a moment, ya fat f*d, but is this the same class that stiffed creditors out of over £100m?
    The same class that withheld around £15-20m (at least) from the tax man to keep on running (or walking away, if you will)?
    Is this the same class that cheated for over 10 years by withholding second contracts?
    The same class that transferred over £50m of debt to a company drowning in the stuff (debt that is), a company that is by and large under control of a bank who currently, you guessed it, being kept afloat out at the expense of taxpayers?
    Is this the same class that metaphorically sold off the household furniture, the silverware and indeed the food in the cupboards so they could buy another crate of watered down swill to drown themselves in their own vanity?
    Is that the class you’re on about Sally?
    The class that asks “who are these people”, knowing full well who these people are?
    The sort of class that where you openly state you’re enjoying the problems of another football club?
    The sort of class where a day after officially suffering an insolvency event, you try to add to your wage bill?
    Just exactly what class did your old club have Ally, because from where I sit, they had none?

  5. it’s like a couple of drunks in Annie Miller’s on a Friday afternoon…except you’d get more sense from a couple of drunks

  6. What an embarrassment to circus clowns. Jabba would sell his Granny (again) for thirty pieces of silver. Can there be any and I mean ANY Sevco supporters who take this $hite seriously? Surely not! but then again they don’t seem to have the capacity to tell the difference between sugar and $hite and for that they are totally screwed once again.
    Tic toc!!

  7. Jas
    I was on my way to the garage to get a bucket because I felt really sick listening to that first spew from Jabba who seemed to have doubly overindulged in the succulent stuff before starting. Ally is either sick in the hied or thicker round the brow than round the waist. It could be a bit of both, of course. But when I heard the last bit about 140 years, I WAS sick – with laughter. I have run out of tissues wiping the tears and snotters. It is almost as crazy as the pieman’s claim his long term plan is winning the C.L. in five years. A white coat, a back-to-front jaecket and a big black van should be the new strip and bus. The madest part is they actually sound as though they really believe it. And the mob will follow, follow.
    As for that “studio”, Osama Bin Laden did better recordings with candles and a cine from a cave in the Hindu Kush Mountains.
    I started watching it on the minimised screen and did not notice your comments at first. Once on full screen I was able to see them and the whole edit is brilliant. I am still killing myself laughing at those two having a laugh. Long may it be so till death do them part – a second time. No, no, Jabba says he is better informed about the first death and, since he “came into” a pumped up salary to say so, he now knows it did not happen, only liquidation. He will be referring to the effluence under the bridge then.
    Great stuff, Jas. As Paul McL says that is what you can actually call class.
    H H

  8. Jas
    Just seen your reply to my comment on your previous blog. Unfortunately, I will be out during the game – Christian duties then dinner out because the kitchen floor will be dug up. Imagine attempting improvements at my age. Even less effective than a Joan Rivers face lift. I hope to watch the game on CTV when I get back. I hope all the techy stuff works well and look forward to taking advantage of it during the season. I may need a guide for dummies part deux et trois et…..!! 🙂
    H H

    1. It’s cool PB. It’s really designed for people who cant get to see or hear the live games. #HH

  9. Great laugh.
    What a couple ay fannies Coisty and Traynory are.
    The comedy continues.
    Sevcos’ days are numbered. I must admit I will miss the entertainment they provide once they’re gone…..but GIRFU them.

  10. Comedy gold.I nearly choked with laughter,side splittingly funny.
    They should have their own weekly comedy show.

  11. Thank you JasCam. I enjoyed your comments on the video and especially the audience laughter at wee ‘sleekit’ suggesting there was some class at Ipox. That was entertaining. On its own, the video is an absolute embarrassment and God knows what is in between the ears of this pair. No wonder people (but not ra peepul) are distancing themselves. What a pair of slugs.

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