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Live Blogging from The Celtic Network

Live blogging is not something new but I believe it will become and develop into a major way for people to keep up with live sporting events.
The major thinking behind the recent redevelopment of this site was to have it prepared to respond to the constant changes in how users interact with modern web sites. Live blogging fits in with new user trends.
The first match we will cover will be Celtic’s friendly against CFR Cluj tomorrow night, kick off 17.00 GMT. This will be very much a live test to see what we can do and how the site users react. So it will be very much a work in progress over the next month. Hopefully as the season progresses some other TCN members will join in and we can build up a team of bloggers at the games.
Live blogging is of no use to anyone who goes to the games or views them live on the TV unless they are uploading live updates to the site. However it is useful for people who can’t get to see the game. One question I have been asked is ‘why don’t you just use Twitter to do this’? The answers very simple. Although Twitter is ideal for live ‘microblogging’ not everyone uses Twitter. Anyone can visit this site during a game and see live updates without having to be a member. Also some people may prefer to see a timeline of the game without it being broken up by random comments not related to the game.
As I said this is very much a work in progress so please stick with us in the early stages. As Lenny once said ‘This is only the beginning’. Hopefully we can develop this idea over the coming season and improve it. With Celtic Park now fully WI – FI ready I think this is the ideal time to start live blogging on the site. All live updates will be automatically tweeted as well. Use the hashtag #TCNLiveBlog  You can follow us on Twitter at @CelticNetwork11
Hail, Hail

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