2 thoughts on “Celtic V CFR Cluj -Live Blog

  1. Jas
    I am most impressed by the workload. A great contribution for disadvantaged fans. I sincerely hope you can continue this excellent work though the commitment seems enormous for just one person.
    As for the game itself, I have just finished watching it on Celtic TV Archives. I am trying hard to convince myself there are an excessive amount of pre-season cobwebs needing dusted down. But there are performances that are, to say the least, making my nervous system twitch just a little. Let us be honest, there have to be harder games in training and even if this full squad were taking part straight from the physio’s table, they should be running amok against this level of opposition. Or, am I on a paranoia trip? For once I really hope so.
    H H

  2. Cheers PB. There will be players who will temper their performance levels in these games against catching an injury before we play Cliftonville.
    As a whole I felt most of the players at least looked a bit sharper tonight. The overall passing and movement was better that the previous game.
    Hail, Hail

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