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Yes we’re back up with a new ‘slim line’ version of the site. I’d like to thank the hosting company’s ‘Techs’ but I can’t, they were worse than useless.Despite the fact that the company claimed their package could hand a high request site they can not. However they will offer me a more expensive package that can cope. I will buy a more expensive package but not with them
Fortunately I only took out a short term contract so I still have money left in the TCN paypal account kindly donated by site users to put towards better hosting. The problem was their server could not handle the amount of ‘requests’ to load site files. Therefor I spent all day yesterday working on the site and managed to reduce requests by nearly 50%. Yet the site remains sluggish. So we are moving to a new server in August when the current contract runs out.
As you can see I have had to ditch a lot of the new social media software to cut the number of server requests down however they will return when the site moves. I’ll also be trying out the live blogging again to see how that goes. If the load is too much for the current server then I’ll leave that till we move.
The main thing is that the site can still do what it says on the tin for now, promote independent Celtic fans media.
Hail, Hail and apologies for the hassle.

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