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Published on Wednesday 10th July, 2013 by Celtic Trust

Calling all shareholders

Yes, fellow Tims, it is that time of year again.  In fact, it is considerably later in the year than we normally make this call.  We have been extremely busy with FAC business this year and this, as well as some new developments which have affected the format of the resolutions for this year, means that we are quite late in getting our resolution requisition forms out for signing.
As some of you will know, in order to get a resolution on to the Celtic PLC AGM Agenda, it is necessary to get our resolutions and supporting statements signed by 100 holders of ordinary shares.  There are some other requirements in terms of the size of the shareholding but we generally meet this without any difficulty.
The resolutions this year take the usual format.  There is one which is usually thought of as the Fan on the Board resolution but which has been a bit broader than this for some years now.  This year we have specifically taken on board the fact that Celtic, only very recently, have appointed a Supporters Liaison Officer, as they are required to do under the UEFA licensing regulations.  The resolution this year seeks to find a mechanism, involving the SLO, to improve two-way communications between the fans and the Board to maximise the welfare of everyone involved.  There are many examples of failures to communicate properly with fans by an otherwise well-run Board which could so easily have been avoided if mechanisms had been in place to discuss issues with fan representatives before decisions were made.  The recent seat relocation issue is a good example of something which could have been handled very much better and prior consultation with fans’ representatives would have flagged that up.
The second resolution is related to the fact that this year we are celebrating our 125th Anniversary with a greater emphasis on our charitable roots and practice.  For a number of years now many large, private sector employers in England and many large public sector employers in Scotland have adopted a Living Wage policy.   The Living Wage is calculated in such a way as to take people who are in work out of poverty.  The in-work poor are now over 50% of those in poverty in Scotland and finding work is no longer the automatic route out of poverty which it used to be.  We at the Trust believe that a Club which is founded in charity should not be paying any of its employees less than the Living Wage, which currently stands at £7.45 per hour and this resolution seeks to enshrine this in policy.
Both resolutions can be downloaded here Resolution 1 and here Resolution 2 and we would very grateful if you would consider downloading these and signing them and returning them to us at
The Celtic Trust, PO Box 2066, Glasgow G32 2AX
If it is more convenient, and you have access to a scanner, then you could download the forms, fill them in and sign them and then email them back to us at
Remember the following:

  • You must include your full name and address
  • If you have changed address since you bought the shares and you haven’t registered this with Computershare (The Registrars) then please include both addresses
  • You do not need your share certificate or number and you don’t need to know how many shares you have
  • You don’t need to be a member of the Celtic Trust

It takes a lot of work to ensure that supporters have a meaningful contribution to the PLC AGM so please take this small step and sign the resolution requisition forms so that these issues will at least be debated.  Hail Hail


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