Update on our hosting problems

Well this has turned into a British picture. As you know the site started having problems last week. The hosting company were less than helpful. I knew the problem lay at their end but the just palmed me off.
Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of money (both my own and yours via donations) and time transferring the site to new hosts. The reason I chose that particular company was because they are one of only three recommended by WordPress. Honestly ? I don’t know why. As it turned out their service was rubbish so much so that after only 12 hrs I cancelled the account and asked for a full refund, I’m still waiting for a reply and my money. However I’m sure that will be rectified shortly.
So as it stands the site is back on the server which caused all the problems last week. The hosting company maintain that they have not had to carry out any work on it but for some reason it seems to be working a dam site better. Pardon the pun.
This is just a temp fix till I get my money back from the last lot. I have another company lined up, this time I’ve done my research. Still can’t believe a company like WordPress would promote a truely awful hosting platform, but there ye go.
So thanks for your patience. Hopefully all will be well in a day or two.

2 thoughts on “Update on our hosting problems

  1. Jas
    I have been distracted by a visit from my grandson who tends to hijack the laptop when we are at home.
    I knew last week there were hiccups but thought they were just the usual teething problems. Sorry to hear they were more than that especially after all your efforts. I hope everything gets sorted soon and that we can start writing some fresh blogs for the new season. Wipe your brow, have a swig and I am sure things will look brighter.
    H H

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