That Celtic Bus Has Wings!

Is it just me that feels it’s been a great deal more than 47 days since we watched our club pick up the Scottish Cup? I wasn’t counting, were you?
No matter what we’re now here, back to the same starting point (although 14 days earlier)  than we were when we approached our tie against HJK Helsinki last season. What a journey that season was, so many memorable moments which will live with us for many years to come and some very hard to beat.
Preseason, much has been made by some about our performances however last season’s pre season wasn’t full of goals and win’s (1 win in 7 preseason games, 3 goals scored & 10 conceded) As always I’m more focused to look at the players picking up match fitness and working with the coaching team on tactics & strategies. Preseason is the time to be poor, work on what needs to be worked on and put all to use when it matters. My only concern is that although Virgil Van Dijk may have had plenty of experience in game situations, we have saw very little of Amido Balde in attacking positions working with his partnering attackers. This is something which will come together i’m sure.
So with preseason out of the way, we’ve been faced with a game of dreams, something which has caught the attention of the whole support and also a side which a small % of our support has a soft spot for.
I watched a few Cliftonville games last season and they hugely deserved their success last season. This draw has given the whole Reds support another piece of history they can enjoy. A number of the players are Celtic supporters, speaking with a colleague who’s relative plays for Cliftonville he let me know that a number of the Reds players had already planned to visit Glasgow to take in some Celtic european games and now with this tie, they’ll be playing on the paradise turf infront of tens of thousands of supporters. Truly Stuff of dreams.
I feel that during the game, should our fitness be of a decent level, if we keep the correct attitude that our quality should ease us through, however we know from last season and from a number of games in recent past that when we’ve faced a game against inferior opponents (no disrespect) that we have failed to have the correct attitude, leading to a terrible result. As long as the fitness is a decent standard and the attitude is correct we should be fine.
Much has been said about safety of supporters etc however I’m sure that every Celtic & Cliftonville supporter will know very well of what is required and should do fine. Enjoy the day. Cmon You Bhoys In Green.

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